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I’ve dreampt of many things And lived many nights In complete terror Immobilized by demons Floating over-head Strangled by a snake that Chained me to my bed I’ve made love in Some of the most passionate ways Always better when it comes from Your subconscious And I’ve fallen off buildings Only to fly and survive […]
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There’s a circle in the sky. Smooth and silver and bright. Everyone is afraid of it. Maybe they are right. Maybe it is a sign of doom. Maybe it is the beginning of the end. Maybe it is an invasion waiting to start. Or maybe it is someone hoping to be a friend. I see […]
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This week’s guests in Jest are 3C Style and LISMORE PAPER Nightmare at the House of Style I have to get away from the House of Style. 3C Style is an ok person, I guess. Ever since she picked me up from Linda and Bill’s home, I’ve been eating well and sleeping whenever I wanted. The best part […]
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the first five minutes are always the worst murders, fires, death and destruction the weather and sports are ok but the fluff pieces are always towards the end the human interest stories that give us a little hope that mankind still has kindness … yeah I think I will watch the last half of the […]
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