Monday is nearly over here, still time for a limerick though.

Just a quickie…but you know it’s coming soon don’t you.

Christmas looms very near on horizon

and the kids make their lists, things they’re prizin’

let the feeding begin

’till I grow a new chin

and my waist it increases in sizin’

Shall we? A Thursday limerick perhaps?

Nearly Friday people!

Once a man with quite bad diabetes

could not resist cake, chocs or sweeties

With abandon he’d feast

till his piss smelled like yeast

and he lost all the toes from his feeties


I have no idea if ones piss smells like yeast if one is diabetic I just rathee renjoyed the line…





A limerick that has nothing to do with Monday.

But it does mention other beastly things

A young couple with dreams and such hope

Went to shit ‘cos of booze, sex and dope

He would drink, shit the bed

so she’d hump his mate Ted

and would pop round next door for a grope