Someone else’s forever

Fancy one of these?

Mouth dry, full of regrets and lies

and fading dreams of what we had

they fill my mind when eyes I close

and raging ‘gainst the lovers sunset

I thrash between these sullied sheets.


There in the distance, silhouette,

you walk where once we lingered long

into the night and then slip softly

hand in hand

into someone else’s forever.





I’ve had flu all week so not written anything and this is the best I can muster.

Backs packed and gloom descending

as the weekend nears it’s ending

‘Monday blues’ on twitter trending

and I curse that I have not yet won the lottery.


For Monday, it sucks balls you see

the thought of it quite bothers me

I’ve felt this way since after tea

and I curse that I have never played the lottery.










Never alone

More Sunday word vomit

One final sleep

‘neath blankets cold

of eath and clay and stone.


And to my end I walk at last

no evermore, or well lived past

and to the darkness wide and vast

I enter all alone.


And you shall be my final thought

my life, my hopes, my joy

remember me, the things I wrought,

my kind and loving boy.






I turn

More Sunday word vomit

Were I to hear you call my name

and turn, to see you one more time,

a souvenir, momento of what was.

A keepsake of sweet memories

I would commit to not forget

or reckless scant attention pay

for fear of losing priceless gift.

No holding back, no front’s, no walls

this truth I’ve kept for far too long

and though again you walk away

unburdened watch you leave…

In the end

More word vomit

When old and grey still close I keep

those memories dear to my heart

and ‘fore I walk to final sleep

and lonely paths to then depart

A final time I will relive and tender recollect

each smile you gifted though I often sadly did neglect

your light by which I found my way and through the dark did chart.

Love generous and without cost

so freely gave and not repaid

and eager how I ate my fill

as sunset sank beyond that hill

were dreams way back were made.

And so at last, though late I know

you lie as pale and cold as snow

and how I wish I had the time

of days were you were always mine


Might I suggest – Part 2

Stupid, childish, purile and ridiculous. Meh, least I’m not fiddlign with kids or beatign my wife or listenign to K-Pop.

Hey week, yeah you, yes over here

it’s over now and how I fear

I need to let you know you suck

and right now I don’t give a fuck

about how monday made me blue

Tuesday, wednesday, Thursday too

cos Friday my balls oft caress

and leaves my trousers quite the mess

and saturday, well that’s hard core

my skimpy clad foul mouthed hot whore

Sunday will spoon me, there’s no lack

I feel it’s love pressed to my back

You did your best and hey that’s fine

something something 69!









This once

Word vomit

Those moments where you cross my mind

and fondly I recall just how

we filled our days with blissful laughter

nights I felt such warm embrace.


And as I linger, holding tight

to thoughts I know will soon drift off

like smoke upon the summer breeze

I live again just one more time.


That once, that chance, that single glimpse

that slipped away and from my grasp

relived and dearly held once more

until again or never more.


Borrowed some emotions from someone far deeper than me.

If cut then I should surely bleed

were I not drained, face cold and white,

and curled beneath your naked branches

fade for lack of love and light.


Roots of dismay my heart entangle

moss grows thick upon my chest

and to the earth I am returned

at last, in peace, to sleep, to rest






Might I suggest

Long day…just let it out I reckon.

Might I suggest if you don’t mind

you place your lips on my behind

and there remain and tender linger

and oh look, a middle finger

just for you, in fact there’s more

you offspring of a rancid whore

and siphilitic hobo dad

in fact I would be rather glad

if you succumbed to aids, grew frail

and had your mouth abused in jail

by strapping chaps called Whale and Moose

who’d leave your anus gaping loose


Happy Tuesday!










Forever Night

More wordy words

Eyes closed

pretending sleep

Under blankets as heavy as church roof lead

held down by the weight of the world.

Cigarette breath, yellowed teeth, finger to the lips

and harshest repercussions.

Not a word.

Don’t cry.

In the morning smile and say it’s just a dream.

A nightmare born in velvet plush and gold adorned

and echoes batter on the doors

and innocense do steal away.

No shame

No guilt

And ever more to pay.



Oops that just slipped out

In simple terms I will admit

that I can be a total shit

I’ll gladly steal your parking space

and leave the bathroom a disgrace

wont tip, will steal your secret treats

your cookies, chocolates, bags of sweets

and blame it on the kids no less

and shout at them until they mess

their pants and need some therapy

and no one will suspect it’s me

at work steal credit for your work

and be a bastard, dick and jerk

off thinking of your wife or worse

your sister dressed up as a nurse

and wish disease on you and yours

and puss comes leaking from your pores

while home I sit and read the news

take drugs and smoke and drink cheap booze

and eat endangered meats for tea

koala, whale and chimpanzee

and all the while I smile and nod

on sunday I go pray to God

for he Forgives so I can test

his patience as things I molest

and charities support with time

while I commit white collar crime

and then it’s home in time for tea

I bet you’re all a bit like me





Feelign a tad more hallmark tonight.

And were I sorry for the things

I did not do but know I should

then every day would fill with tears

but resolute I stand my ground.


And blind to love and life and joy

and all the things I gave away

and most of all the hope I lost

when frailty I did not protect.


So blind I stumble, feet red raw,

and filled with rage and bile and scorn

for those who have what I so crave

yet threw away and cant regain.






Never ever ever

Hallmark this!!

Would I remember our first kiss?

God not a chance I was quite pissed

in fact i don’t recall your name

I think you all look quite the same.


I said it’s fine to save your pride

and yes you’re small, Im not that wide

you rattled all around inside

it’s not common as I implied

Well hey your voice was never sweet

not angel like, in fact you bleat

just like a sheep or more like drone

sweet christ can’t wait ’till you go home.


I drank too much I will admit

but you, you have to live with it

cos in the night I had to split

when in the bed you shit


My mum warned me ’bout girls like you

who drink and smoke and fight and screw

no wonder you came onto me 

youre just no catch, as all can see

Good luck I’m sure you’ll find true love

while up your arse girls things will shove

and things that we just shall not speak of

and none of us are quite proud of



and no I wont call you again

well I know I’ll forget your name

unless im lonely I might call

hey, better small than none at all
















Feelign a tad more hallmark tonight.

Would I forget, though sands of time

through fingers slipped and whipped away

to who knows where and far and wide

and long forgot they lie?


And might those moments held so dear

evaporate like summer showers

and grey clouds form that block the light

that on my face most radiant falls?


And might I wonder, in my winter,

eyes grown dim and body frail,

those moments shared so long ago,

that may be mine to recollect?


Will I forget, this life, this love

this every morning by your side,

and will I wonder to the darkness

and there without close my eyes?








Some corny cheesy rhyming stuff right there…

Somewhere in the dark recess

of thoughts and needs I daren’t confess

are images I do profess

to hold dear to my heart


Forged in the confines of my mind

and fires that burn, so bright they blind

me to the truth oh so unkind,

we’ll always be apart.


I’ll never feel your sweet embrace

for willingly I take my place

just somewhere else in time and space

blah blah blah blah blah blah


Oh god I am stopping right there I hated that it was so rubbish…My heart doesn’t hold dearest sweet images, if anything it would happily choke you maybe.  And who craves such sweet embrace.  Teenagers maybe and those in the first flush of passion but most my age need to get to bed instead of lingering with anything because they will need to get up for a piss at about 3am.

Hmm wonder if I am all poem’d out for a while.







It’s just made up okay, for shits and giggles. Honest. Plus I get to use the dildo bike gif again.

I wonder would you judge me quick

if I confessed to cravings ‘sick’

in some folks eyes, but hey you’d lick

it if you’d not offend

And in your bottom you might place

or rub it all across your face

but you think that it’s a disgrace

or so you might pretend

But hey I know just what you like

search Amazon for ‘Dildo Bike’

they even do it as a trike

just say it’s for a ‘Friend’

You want it dripping from your lips

all down your stomach, on your hips

you’d eat it with some nice corn chips

I know how much you’d spend

On what you want and what you need

your darkest cravings then to feed

consuming it, ravenous greed

you’d suck it ’till the end

And yes I know that you resisted

Tarmacking or getting fisted

And Japanese stuff super twisted

But you would I know my friend.

So let’s not judge, you filled the gaps

in what I wrote and yeah perhaps

you might blame me for your dark lapse

but that thought I would contend


Yup. Words. Stuff.

Though once you shone so very bright

and blinded me with all you were,

and could and, god, so should have been.


When time and life had took its toll

and each decision, each wrong turn,

had lead us to this desperate end.


I see you lying,  turned to dust,

and all you shone on dead and cold

and turn my back and walk away

In search of sun and light once more.




More words…

I know forgiveness, though do not crave

For I know it’s not deserved.

For wages given for the cost

of deeds and words and thought

is price that’s due and fair.

Each costly syllable, falls harsh from lips

like coins into the street.

And spills away in torrents fierce

that swirl and sweep all clean.

And grace bestowed from tender heart

Gave freely without ask

Calls to forget and paths to take

From shadows into light

Yet self forgiving costs far more

And often twice requested

Or more until the debt repaid

And empty then moves on

Always and never

More words…

No sun, nor lamp nor candle bright

can lift the shadows of such loss

as when a heart once deeply loved

alone once more exists.


And whilst time heals and burdens shared

will make the path trod lighter, still

such pain it must endure and knowing

scars make tougher skin.


Though hope eternal shines afar

such roads that lead there do diverge

and oft meander far from where

sweet rest and hearth are found.



Some words.

Were I steel made, I would soon turn to rust

For the tears I have shed for this love

How your heart turned to stone, cold and grey like the skies,

and your tempest consumed all we had.

Filled with fear I was flung

Flotsam carried ashore

on the storm driven surge of regret.

To the last I persist, foolish, try one more time

though the wind batters still I stand tall.

Turn my back to the gale, close my eyes, try to smile

Walk to shelter, storm fades, one last time

Never, ever, yours…

Some words.

Within my heart there is a page

where words I scrawl at night,

and tears cause ink to slowly bleed

Where down my cheeks like night they run

and scars form in my flesh.

A madness takes it’s cackling hold

and mocking screams into my face,

with wild eyed he repeats the words,

the things I should have said to you,

that haunt me to this day…


More sombre words. I will cheer up in February.

Were I to hold you one last time

and speak of costly acts,

forgiveness I would beg of you

and head bowed, shamed confess.

To all the words I did not speak

the times I chose to stray

and when I did not put you first

and selfish justified

my need to satisfy and still

well feed my greed did grow

until you withered, learned to cope

much stronger all alone…

and skin turned thick