Inappropriate Saturday Limerick!

Stay well away. You have been warned.

Friend of mine met a girl, dating started

Shit himself when he thought he’d just farted

He was out on a date

Though it turned out quite great

Coprophiliac, got her legs parted


Not sure what a coprophiliac is?  Google it.  Dare you.


Actually it reminded me of these from years ago…

Fetish Haiku – Chasmophilia

My Weekly Fetish Haiku 19th of January

Fetish Haiku – Forniphilia

Yet Another Wednesday Limerick!

Got you some nasty right here. Dare you to google tarmacking.

Once a lonely young fellow called Bertie

Placed an add, for a lass, “Rather dirty,

Some big dildos you’re packing

Into kink and tarmacking

Intense BDSM, and face squirting”


Oh and if you do search up tarmacking its not my fault. I don’t even know how I know about it and I wish I didn’t but alas, I do.

Wednesday limerick!

This week I shall explore those ‘get well soon’ limericks I so enjoy.

Get well soon, heard you pick up a chill

get some tissues, perhaps take a pill

wrap up warm, watch TV

have some honey filled tea

Oh it’s cancer?  Shit sorry I didn’t realise.  I was told it was just a…What only a month?  That’s all?  Oh bloody hell mate I am sorry.  How is the wife about it?  Yeah I bet she needs some comforting. Don’t worry pal, I will look after her for you.


Sorry.  It’s all this serious poetry I have been doing.  It makes me do things.  Bad things.  You should see how skitish the cats are at the moment…