Ooh Thursday, you snuck up on me there.

You cheeky little monkey

Once a chap, infidelity loving

who’s dear wife caught him pushing and shoving

to his bits took a knife

now she’s locked up for life

but that’s fine, least he can’t do no loving



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

6 thoughts on “Ooh Thursday, you snuck up on me there.”

  1. well, he could do like Bobbitt did, get it sewn back on and go on to star in porn movies “Still, everyone was curious about his function, so Bobbitt made a series of adult films in the mid-1990s to show off what he could do. It turned out to be a lucrative move for him.

    “My movies were the bestselling adult videos in history,” he says. “I won awards for it, and I traveled around to different countries and went to award shows and stuff.””

    real life beats fiction every time, lol

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