Always be safe

You really do need to keep an eye on those pesky use by dates

Yoghurt past its best

It’ll be fine, smells okay

…sparkly clean colon




Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

13 thoughts on “Always be safe”

  1. I used to throw out things when they were a day expired, but I am more frugal now. That said, I buy the Eggland hard-boiled eggs in a pouch (don’t know if you have them there, but 10 ready-to-eat hardboiled eggs) … have one daily. About a month ago, I opened the bag on a Thursday, forgot to eat one Friday and Saturday opened the bag and the eggs were covered in this dark red like they were stained or something. I gasped and pushed the ziploc together and bagged them and got them out of the fridge. I had a brand-new bag, not opened, got rid of it too. I was mad as they are not that cheap. I only eat hard-boiled eggs but I’d not always get around to making them, so this is easier. I sent a Facebook message to the company and said “I didn’t take a picture, save the UPC code – nothing like that – threw them out and I thank God I didn’t eat one yesterday!” They reimbursed for one bag and Quality Control department said that somewhere along the way they were not refrigerated properly. I cannot explain how they looked – I thought it was salmonella or something. I just bought some more when I shopped last week – I had to wait a while because I just could not “unsee” those red eggs.

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  2. Oh my goodness I don’t think I could ever by those again if it had happened once to me. I’m actually eating a lot of eggs I’m planning on lots of egg mayonnaise today because I made my own mayonnaise as well so I’m looking forward to that

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  3. I do sometimes make egg salad with them. I had one yesterday and so far so good, but we had that real hot spell, and I bought them a few days after the power outage affected part of the City. I called the hair salon that is in the grocery store to see if they lost power (I figured the grocery store which is fairly large might not be truthful … I always chitchat with the clerks in the store and the last power outage we had in 2014, they told me the store has a huge generator and they stuffed highly perishable food into a large walkin, but the generator didn’t really do a great job making everything cold, just cool. They said they didn’t lose power – maybe they just said that. But nothing else spoiled. I should have taken a picture, but they always say if you have listeria or salmonella-tainted food to separate it from other food first – then sterilize the fridge. It was in a pouch and a bag over the pouch so I figured it was okay.
    I was more worried that if I had eaten the egg on Friday would I have gotten sick. I had the A/C guy in for a check-up of A/C on 06/29 and I had a four-hour window. He was running late and so that’s how I forgot … his schedule threw me off. Someone upstairs was looking out for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I guess the point is with these sorts of things and especially because you threw it away but there is not a great deal that they can do and there is very little risk to them because you have no evidence. Now if you’d been particularly poorly then you might have had a different reaction from them which is quite scary but unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be you weren’t unwell

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  5. Yes, we have way too many products with salmonella and listeria these days. Over the past two days Ritz crackers and some Goldfish crackers have found to contain salmonella because of a tainted whey product. Very scary. I have not bought bagged Dole lettuce for several years – in fact no bagged veggies or salad, even spinach salad which I love, as there are too many contaminated products out there. I buy that brand of eggs as they have never had recalls where the others were part of a really big recall recently … contaminated chicken farms and millions of shell eggs were recalled. I am grateful I didn’t get sick – providence kept me from eating an egg the second day. Ten in a bag – good 7 days after opening. I don’t tempt fate and extend it to 8 days.

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  6. We’ve just had a massive scare over here with salmonella with so much of the frozen vegetables being recalled it was pretty much anything bought in the last few weeks or bagged in the last month or something like that but it was on a pretty huge scale

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  7. We had that for Del Monte not long ago – scary as Del Monte you can count on for good quality. Most times anyway … I was searching for a post but none of my key words are coming up. I opened a can of creamed corn a few years ago and took a bite or two of it cold and then found a huge fly … I wrote about it and had pictures. Ugh.
    No more creamed corn for me!!

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  8. Of course it “bugged” me where this post was and why I couldn’t find it – so I had to take a few minutes and scroll through my extensive media library (not searchable since I had a hyphen in it) … this is the offensive fly and I used a plastic spoon to take pictures of it. Del Monte reimbursed me for each can with the same code info and that was it. I didn’t get sick. Must have a strong constitution.


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