Corona Lock down Diaries – Building work

5 months later…

Ok so 5 months ago we started a building project. Then the world closed because of the Corona Virus and for most of 2020 we lived in a building site. Up until this weekend. The builders packed their stuff last week and departed and at last we have our house back.

Now I haven’t posted or really been near my blog for the last week as I have been painting walls and doors and pretty much anything that looked like it would benefit from a lick of paint and after a long week of late nights the place was ready to move into and over the last week we spent many an hour trying to get the rooms set up, the home gym assembled and things mostly in place (though there is still a lot to do).

I now have somewhere to get some exercise as I really don’t like going outside and at last have a lovely space to work and write.

Now I just need to paint the other 3 floors of the house!

Before and after of the coal cellar. I had never actually been right into it in 16 years as it was too terrifying…

Before and after of what is now storage/home Gym/3D printer room/Games machine room. I even managed to sort out all of my tools and that made me feel particularly manly and I may have stood, hands on hips and legs akimbo following a particularly methodical organising of my drill bits.

And then lastly the living room/office thingy. It has a fridge and bar area dedicated solely to alcohol which is odd as I don’t actually really drink though I think perhaps I might try and get into wine because I am of an age where I feel I ought to know more about wine than I do. I lit the fire for effect, and while it looked lovely it was bloody boiling. I also put on the underfloor heating which added to the generally unpleasant temperature and made me sweat in all of my creases…not nice at all.

So now mostly for the rest of forever this is where I intend to be 🙂

Well worth the 5 months of filth and building work! So right that desk is where I am sat.

Really looking forward to getting back to normality, if anything about this new world can be thought of as normal!

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

17 thoughts on “Corona Lock down Diaries – Building work”

  1. It was well worth the living in grunge and inconvenience with workmen milling about … I like the idea of the heated floors and that fireplace. It will be cold and chilly soon and you’ll sit there, drinking fine wine in your cardigan sweater and taking it all in. Perhaps you need a cigar or pipe to complete the scene. The coal cellar – yes a little scary as I remember the one at my grandparents’ house from years and years ago. They had this outside door which opened and the coal was dumped down the hatch into an area very similar to what you have shown in the first shot. Coab dust everywhere. Is Mrs. Afterwards and the boys happy with it too? Have they staked out a corner or area for themselves?

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  2. Ha i used to smoke a pipe ! It quite suited me 🙂

    The while family are living it… especially today when it is crazy hot… down here its lovely and cool.

    Our Coal shute is still there outside.. most houses here still have them.

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  3. So do it again, a little brandy in a snifter and don’t forget the ascot around the neck … you’re all set and take a photo of it.

    Glad everyone is happy and yes, save on having the A/C or fans running and just stay there where it’s cool.

    The coal shute at my grandmother’s house was outside and looked like a storm cellar. Her house was very old.


  4. Ha…well you know i am actually a lord

    I really am…

    Mrs afterwards bought me the has a feet n everything and i could use it if i chose…

    I apparently own 1squate foot of land in Scotland which rntotles me to the title…


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  5. That is so fun – you should go and visit that square foot of land one day and make a post about it Michael. A friend of mine bought my mom and me each a piece of a heavenly body of some type, not a star, but something in outer space. They were sending up a space capsule and were going to leave a container with everyone’s names up there. That I am dubious about as I’ll never make it to space to check it out, but you on the other hand, can surely go and stake your claim. 🙂

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  6. yeah its that sort of thing. I think you can own bits of the moon too. Or at least you get a certificate to that effect, whether it is actually valid I do not know.

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