Up yours Tuesday

Tuesday. Hmm. Never did like Tuesday.

Once a chap hated Tuesday, such dread

so he refused to get out of his bed

To sleep Monday, forlorn

and get up Wednesday morn

and between under blankets instead

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

8 thoughts on “Up yours Tuesday”

  1. I could have done that today – we had a storm and it knocked out my power from 11:30 last night until 3:30 today (Tuesday) … lost contents of fridge. But they did not say it was because this storm came racing through bringing the heat down 20 degrees (thankfully … it was 93 yesterday) … it was due to high electricity demand. Across the street had power. I should have just stayed in bed all day as well.

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  2. I know – I am disgruntled with this weather and also my neighbor … I had a “deal” with him – For the last three years, I shoveled both our properties all Winter and he mows both our properties all growing season. He did it when his mom was still alive, and she died last August so he is there now and without her saying “Jeff, mow the lawn” … ,now he thinks he can mow the lawn when he pleases … we’ve had rain, heat and humidity – lawn has been mowed three times since April. Looked like a farmyard and yesterday I came home from walking, saw a lawn service in the neighborhood and paid them to come mow it. I am kicking myself as we had a very snowy Winter (62 inches of snow) but it isn’t like we had a “contract” … it won’t happen next Winter … I hired the guy/son to do my lawn through July until this weather improves somewhat … I have an electric mower plus a push mower and with this unsettled weather I was not going to have to work around the weather. They service two corner houses not too far from me, so I got a deal since they are in the neighborhood already. I texted my neighbor and he said “I was gong to do it!” “Right!” I am almost ready for Fall to get here at this rate.

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  3. I know the Curse of mowing the lawn all too well my lawn mower broke a few years ago and my neighbour is a gardener so I paid him tomorrow mine and now I’m kind of stuck paying him all of the time because I don’t want to cancel it it will make me look cheap so it cost me £10 every time he knows and Wild some Summers he will only know 3 or 4 times because the garden is very Shady there are other times he mows about 15 times over the summer.

    Still life’s too short to spend it mowing the lawn. At least you’re getting yours done now I’m lazy ass Jeff can clear his own snow in the winter

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  4. Michael – I know how you feel … last Winter I thought I should end this “deal” but kept it up, thinking the exercise was good for all Winter … I am kicking myself for it now. I was like you – you feel kind of “stuck in the rut and obligated to go forward” so you do. I hope he is smart enough to understand when the snow flies and it is he holding the shovel at his house, not me. I agree about the lawn … for years I was a slave to yard work and no more. Maybe it is getting older but the walking regime sure has affected my attitude about tasks to be done inside and outside. We are having such crime in our City that people put our yard ornaments and hanging baskets, etc. and they get stolen, so everything can be bare this year and it may just stay that way for good.

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