My wellbeing journey – Fit by 50 – 1st of January 2021

So here we go, first of the year and all that…

Okay so here we go, new year, new me, all those things we say on the first of a year, or the first of the month, or a Monday. Or perhaps after eating a whole bar of chocolate whilst sitting on the toilet.

Not that I’ve done that. Not a whole bar anyway.

Ive written plenty about my journey this year, and if you’re new here just scroll back and you’ll find details of my journey in between the dirty limericks and other bits and pieces I have been posting.

Anyway, I have given this section a new name which I think makes sense and am going to attempt to share a little more regularly on the matter as the weeks progress, counting down to my 50th in November.

It’s always easy to get going as everyone knows, but keeping it up is the challenge. To get me into the swing of things and through this first week I have set myself 4 key goals.

  1. 10000 steps a day, whether out walking the dog or on the treadmill
  2. Intermittent fasting, restricting my time to eat to between 12pm and 6pm
  3. Limiting my calorie intake to 2000 a day at the very most
  4. Drinking 2 litres of water every day

My aim is to lose another 60LBS (not sure how long it will take) but more important are trying to ensure I make permanent(ish) lifestyle changes.

So that’s it really. I’ll share how I get on and hopefully you will find it of interest. Or maybe you fancy doing it yourself? Up to you.

Happy new year!


Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

26 thoughts on “My wellbeing journey – Fit by 50 – 1st of January 2021”

  1. That sounds good, but rigorous Michael. I take it you’ll use a pedometer, unless you have a smartphone or fitness tracker of some kind. I use a good, old-fashioned pedometer, and you would not believe how quickly the steps add up, even as I dash around to get ready to go out to walk in the morning or I wear it on errands, grocery shopping … I don’t wear it in the house when I come home because it’s a small house and basically, I’m parked in front of the computer the balance of the day. The fasting’s good, the calories rigid, but you’re a good cook, so you’ll make those smaller portion taste awesome … the water, well I drink a lot of water and spend 1/4 of the day down the hall. 🙂 Good luck – keep us apprised of your progress!

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  2. As long as it keeps track, it doesn’t matter – witchcraft works! Five miles a day is good – you’ll walk off weight and Theo will eat more dogfood. Better start buying the industrial-sized bags of dogfood.

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  3. That’s the main thing – I fell last week. So careful as to walking on ice and snow and I stepped off on a snow-covered slope into the air … I forgot about the slope. Went down rather ungracefully, trying to keep the camera out of the snow!! My muscles (quads … thigh muscles) – OMG. Couldn’t get up/down in a chair for a few days. I have to do stretch exercises … I may walk, but am NOT limber!


  4. I am okay now, just pulled all those muscles trying to get up and keep the camera dry. And I was wearing the photographer gloves that flip up to make it easier to take pictures with an inner liner – trying to get the gloves wet, but not successful at that. Yes, be careful Michael. The black ice is bad, but this was just me being distracted.

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  5. Thanks…10K is a push some days when I’m working behind a desk all day but so far so good though tonight the dog was most insistent he was not heading out into the rain so might have to hit the treadmill!


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