My wellbeing journey – February Results

It’s weigh in day for February…drum roll please.

You can read the kick off post here

Let’s get straight to it shall we.

  1. Steps: I achieved my target of 15000 a day every day, with a high of 21000 steps and a low of 15010.

2. I was aiming to fast intermittently and eat between 12pm and 6pm. Probably achieved it half of the time. Life just gets in the way and I kind of don’t beat myself up about it. There may be physiological benefits to it but mostly it just feels like skipping breakfast and not snacking at night. I guess that doesn’t have the same ring as ‘intermittent fasting’ does it. It does help me be disciplined though and that I really do like.

3. Limiting my calorie intake to 2000 a day at the very most. I Hit this most of the time. I track pretty accurately using the Samsung Health app and at least know when I go over and why. I don’t limit anything so eat what I like mostly and try to maintain a deficit of 500 calories a day with the aim of losing 0.5KG/1Lb a week because I am looking for something sustainable – not quick gains. I could probably lose more weight faster given I am pretty active but I love food. And eating. And fat…and sugar…and mmmm I think there is an open carton of custard in the fridge that I might eat tonight!

4. Drinking 2 litres of water every day. Yup pretty much on track there. My old man bladder doesn’t always thank me but it’s apparently good for me right. Right? Stupid 4am pee wake up call!

So there you have it. Things work. I think thoughmostly it comes down to consistency and not throwing in the towel when I eat an entire packet of hobnobs. Don’t know what they are? They’re a bit like crack cocaine – just with more oats and sugar.

Oh I didn’t say what weight I lost did I. Think it was about 2.5 kg – that’s in the 5Lb range. So in total that is now about 22kg/48LBS. (That includes about 10LBS that I have to lose twice because I indulged like a Roman Emperor over Christmas). In total that’s about the weight of an adult clouded Leopard. Seriously. Look it up…

1.So what will I do differently in March? 3 things I think:

2.Be a little tighter on my calorie intake and try to stay at 2000 more consistently. Try run a bit more. Maybe 4 times a week – just to work on my heart health.

3.Eat a bit more protein and a bit less carbohydrates. I need a bit better balance of things (according to the food tracker) as I have been eating a lot of pasta, bread, rice (and rice cakes, my god I eat a lot of those).

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

18 thoughts on “My wellbeing journey – February Results”

  1. This is really really awesome. I am proud and happy for you. You are an inspiration to me. 3 months or so ago, I started having trouble sleeping and went to the doctor. I thought it was a residual of having had Covid (which it may have been) but It turned out that whatever the cause, my blood sugar was fairly high, so I started watching the carb intake, and checking my blood sugar every morning. It became very clear just how many carbs I needed to keep my blood sugar low, yet have enough sugar to keep my energy up. In the interim, I have lost 7 or 8 lbs, which was needed. I exercise very little, but if I were to expend more energy, I would need to eat more carbs. It is all sort of interesting and “scientific” in a way. I appreciate this blog of your journey. Thank you.

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  2. Congratulations! I’ve been doing the health/weight loss program, and it’s not easy. I even started a Facebook group focusing on health. We’ve settled into a routine of funny memes and moral support. The moral support has helped me a lot. Give me a shout if you want to join. That goes for anyone reading this. Ok, enough of my shameless plug. I am so proud of your accomplishments. 15K steps/day is amazing! And going for a sustainable approach is smart, indeed.

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  3. I think you’re doing great Michael and think of it this way – you are walking a lot and using a lot of calories so you have to eat a little more. I have a big bowl of oatmeal every morning when I get up and I come home from walking and I’ve starving. So you are walking a ton of steps – congratulations on that and the weight gain too. It is hard to cook that food and smell it and then just divvy up a small portion for yourself. I had to Google “hob nobs” and they look like Digestives, even with the chocolate covered ones. Inquiring minds wanted to know! Keep up the good work!

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  4. Rice cakes, huh? Plain or flavored ones? I love the Quaker Caramel ones, not sure if you have that brand over there or not. It is a little bit of “sugar” with being only a small amount of calories. You are doing great Michael!

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  5. Oh flavoured for sure. Mostly chocolate. We have somethign similar to the quaker and I do like the caramel too. And the salt and vinegar. And occasionally the cheese one. I have about 15 packs arriving at 2pm !

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  6. Oh hobnobs are on a whole other level πŸ™‚ way better than a digestive. Thanks Linda, I am enjoying the walking quite a lot. Plus it means I can justify eating a little more πŸ™‚

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  7. I will have to look for them in the area of the grocery store where I discovered the Digestives (quite by accident BTW). You’re right – I come home from walking, especially in colder weather and I’m starving!

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