My wellbeing journey – The Tree Edition

I think you might want to read this one. It’s not what you think. Or just look at the pictures.

You can read the kick off post here

I’ve written plenty about food and steps and sweating and eating cake in your underpants (well not an entire cake – it was more of a fruit loaf – so potentially 1 of my 5 a day) , but I’ve not written much about the mental health side of things.

That is mostly because I am not at all qualified to discuss such matters.

I know what I like though, and I know what makes me happy. And I know it is important to find happiness wherever we can in these upside down times. So to that end, and this is very exciting, we decided to leave the Christmas tree up all year! Kind of…

What we have left up is the tree with the lights on it. But the decorations have changed. Still with me?

It was suggested to me by someone at work, I think as a joke, that you could leave your tree up all year but just decorate it for whatever season it is or whatever takes your fancy.

Well people, joke or not, I give you – THE VALENTINES TREE!

I spend most of my day here in the converted cellar of the house, it’s where I work from home and at night it is where the family tends to congregate. We have decked the halls a little as well as doing the tree so right now it’s…well look – see what you think?

Might seem a bit daft but it gives me great pleasure and we are already looking forward to Easter, Family Birthdays, Star Wars (may the fourth (be with you)), Summer, Halloween, the Queen’s Birthday and who knows what else…

Happy (not) holidays indeed

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

28 thoughts on “My wellbeing journey – The Tree Edition”

  1. This is so fun! We talked about leaving our tree up too. I was put off though by our plague of spiders we’ve got in our house. Damn things. Ruin all the fun. I’d have a permanent Halloween themed tree ha ha!

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  2. I have a small outdoor tree in a tub which has spent three years mainly living in the back garden, coming round to the front for Christmas to stand on the picnic bench. Twice it’s been blown off by storms, now I’ve left it on the ground, but it’s staying out the front and I am tying a ribbon on for every day of Lockdown. When we have our delayed Christmas I will put the lights on again. I love the look of your cellar.

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  3. I think it is a great idea! I have a friend I went to school with who all last year kept updating his tree for each and every holiday, and some that weren’t actual holidays. It was great!

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  4. I love the idea – anything to perk up our sagging spirits as 2021 definitely needs some bolstering up since so far it’s about par with 2020. I say go for it!. I like that you’ve got the decorations filling the entire tree too, nothing sparse about the decor. You’ll do every year now I bet not just this year. Of course Theodore’s arrival date, birthday will also be cause to decorate as well.

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  5. Yes for sure … must celebrate with some new dog toys and treats. I am sure there are pet ornaments … go on for inspiration. Yes, January was the worst as you are back to full work weeks after a few short weeks due to the holidays – sigh.

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