15 thoughts on “August Photos”

  1. I managed to get really blisters n then they got sand in them so eventually i had to bandage them.up but was short of supplies so used pink duct tape to keep everything all in place 🙂

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  2. [I’m quite far behind in Reader these days.] I am glad someone asked about the poor feet and I was drawing a correlation between the sandals and the leather causing a blister – I’ve been there and done that as well. I see some much-deserved R&R going on before school started and also some delicious-looking meals … hmmm, Michael is that cake and ice-cream cone on “Whole 30”?


  3. aah well I managed to wear sliders and they got wet and then i got blisters and then the blisters got sand in then I was in agony and i just wrapped them in bandages and duct tape to keep them dry and safe and whilst it looked bad at least they were clean

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