A limerick collection

Actually, it’s just gone Monday…

I am finally getting around to putting my limericks into a book. Or some at least.  There are about 600 on here so I have plenty to choose from.  I think I will call the book “Inappropriate”.

It’s funny going through them because mostly I do not remember them at all…Here are a few I did that I think tell you where I am heading with this.

African crisis I never
have seen such despair, no not ever.
Drought, pain, loss, civil war,
HIV, death and more.
But hey, least they’ve got lovely weather.


I fellow I know, a romancer.

Lovely wife, healthy kids and great dancer.

Had it all so he thought

but it all came to nought

when he died really young of bowel cancer.



A fellow joined up and no doubt

A true patriot so he shipped out.

Lost his legs to a mine,

had some made now he’s fine,

and he always gets parked when he’s out






















Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

12 thoughts on “A limerick collection”

  1. I just about gone through all of my posts for the first year of writing and I have approximately 300 that are going to make it into the book that is a pretty hefty load of offence and surely something for every sensibility. I don’t think there is anybody I won’t have offended

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  2. That is a ton of posts … you’ll be ready for a sequel before the first book is published! Better self-publish them, because having an agent will cost you a small fortune with all the posts you publish!

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  3. Mostly I think I will just do an evil witch I will let people have the free and I will have a hard copy that can be printed which is what I really want for myself and for my kids stuff

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  4. Cheers Leigha. Was kinda funny when I put them all in one document and there were 189 pages and 20438 words…more than 700 in total in less than two years. Thats some serious weird shit for sure. There is some garbage in there and a few close to duplicates but good heavens so much head shaking stuff. I actually felt rather proud and that isn’t something I feel about stuff often. mostly its just me pissing about

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