Screw you haiku

he watches her leave
a delight she floats sublime
wife glares, couch tonight


He watches her leave

a delight she floats sublime

wife glares, couch tonight

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

22 thoughts on “Screw you haiku”

  1. 🙂

    Lord no was fast aslerp. I normally write about a,dozen haiku at a time then schedule them. Its always a nice surprise when they post as I’ve normally forgotten them

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  2. I wondered if you scheduled the haiku or limericks in advance or not … I could just picture you, hunched over your computer in the wee hours of the morn, still writing away.


  3. fast fast asleep. Every second one that I am off work and I am off tomorrow so I will probably right 14 limericks and 14 haiku and schedule them for the next fortnight and then it’s a wonderful surprise when they eventually turn up and somebody says they like it and I really have no idea what it is I actually wrote

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  4. That’s funny – well they are evergreen posts, so you can do that and no one is any the wiser. I thought you would get a thought in your head and just bang it out and post it. I sometimes post ahead of time, especially in the Summer when we get whopper electrical storms and I try to stay off the laptop, especially if done at work for the day. If I’d have known I’d have been at this work-at-home gig for my boss this long (almost 8 years), I would have gotten a new desktop and put it upstairs. My old desktop is downstairs, used for the modem/wireless and printer, but I have not turned it on in years. I don’t print off any of my work product – my boss scans in all work and sends it as a PDF or dictates over the phone. The desktop is Vista and I don’t even think Microsoft supports it anymore. I like the ease of the laptop, and even with a whole house surge suppressor, I don’t want to end up fried as a result of typing away in a bad storm. 🙂

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  5. Well that is wise indeed although I cannot believe that you were still running a machine with Vista on it my goodness that’s got to be probably a dozen years old if not more lol but if it works for you I guess Happy Days keep going

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  6. I bought the Vista desktop new in February 2009 then got laid off later in the year. I bought my first laptop later that year (2009) and only used the Vista for my photo software (a very laborious process). When I got a new digital camera a few years later, it came with no transfer cord and discovered I could transfer the pics by using the SIM card slot or a SIM card holder … that was a first for me. I’ve never used that computer since, but it is connected to my modem/wireless, so I just left it down there. I have extra high-speed internet since I remote into work and want my connection to be fast and have good wi-fi upstairs so have left it like that for now.

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  7. I work for a sole practitioner and we moved from a medium-sized law firm in 2003. Got a brand-new Win XP server/work stations. Our computer system crashed in 2010. My boss did not like our I.T. people (thought they were too geeky … they were not) and decided to use someone in the building. I have not worked on site since April of 2009. (I was laid off and concurrently my mom had some serious dizzy issues and other medical problems and I have no family, so I remained home to take care of her … this is why I bought the laptop, after she was confined to bed.) So, in order for our new I.T. guy to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and get rid of Windows XP and onto Windows 7 platform/work stations, it took him from mid-October until mid-April. I helped out because after we went out on our own, I had to do alot of troubleshooting to avoid high bills from having a computer tech come on site every time there were issues. So, we never lost any data except that which was in our C-drive. We were lucky. Our accounting system was also intact, but when it came time to integrate it into our Win7 system, I suggested to my boss that it was a 2004 account program and it was by now 2011 and maybe we should upgrade Timeslips to a newer version. Timeslips (which is made by Sage) told us that they deemed my personal laptop as a work station, and, it would require another license. I argued that I was remoting in, and we needed two licenses only – the server and my workstation. They did not see it that way and wanted to charge another license fee. My boss had laid out big bucks for new equipment and the computer guy’s labor, so I.T. guy gerry-rigged my work computer to my old XP computer. I had him disable internet. So, I am using a desktop computer that was made in 2002 – it works like a charm!

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  8. Goodness me what’s a tale… I guess something’s are just made to last it’s amazing that it’s still works after so many years. I think I still have my original first ever properly desktop PC somewhere in the house which I would have bought around that time and I’m pretty sure that was a Vista machine full stop I bought it to learn programming on in about 1999 2000 something like that full stop it has the largest ever monitor which I also have the big old cathode ray tube ones and when the kids see it now they don’t understand why it’s so big

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  9. My home desktop XP was before the plasma screens, that big old TV set-like monitor. It was a Dell and had miscellaneous problems with convex or converse images (can’t remember now) and I had to keep shipping it back to Dell. What a pain. The Vista was a breath of fresh air, but I left the set-up downstairs and got the laptop so I was handier for my mom. I think Microsoft treated Vista like a dud – an in between platform from XP to Win 7. I did not take the Win10 rollover because we use Win 7 at work and I have the old laptop and a brand-new Win 7 waiting in the wings … we wouldn’t have Win 10 due to touch screen … I’d have to go back to work on site again. Our computer guy is nice, but he took my administrator privileges away when he set up the computer. I could restart my computer after doing Windows updates, or restart it if it was problematic and could tell my boss if we needed toner in the xerox machine, to load paper, etc. –
    all from home. I can’t do Windows updates … he has downloaded almost 300 updates but not launched them. I know that because my work station locks up all the time, and I’ll call him if my boss is not on site so he can reboot my work station remotely. He reboots and if he has to go in and physically reboot my machine, the amount of updates waiting to be launched is visible. He is nice but a little incompetent. I have all Hewlett-Packard products now and knock on wood no issues with them. I would not return to Dell again.

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  10. You’re probably right – he is a nice guy or I would say more to him. If I crossed him, he could make it difficult for me to work from home, so I actually try to help him out with suggestions that I learned from our former I.T. people. Also, he is very intimidated by my boss who is NOT tech savvy, but wants to appear he is, and he called our computer guy “stupid” a time or two, so he always uses me as the go-between. 🙂

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