9 thoughts on “Feb and March in photos”

  1. You, up close and personal … beard all grown in now. I was about to ask if this was a remodeling or renovation at your house and looks like it from your comment. What did you lose in your last remodeling job – an electric razor and found it in a robe on the back of a door I believe – that sticks in my mind. Yikes, that is a big project. Your flooding from the back-to-back super storms – wow and your grocery shelves look like ours. Sigh.
    May we never have to live through something like this again.

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  2. You say that nothing has happened…but that looks like a super busy couple of months to me, especially considering the current situation! The lollipop sticks are my favourite, they’re so cute!
    Take care Michael, Kirsty (www.kirstythroughthelookingglass.com)

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  3. I think April may be quitter still 🙂 Thanks they were for a school challenge thing with my youngest though mostly I enjoyed them more!


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