Change of heart – Room 101

Well we probably deserve it.

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words only. I’m less strict about that now. They dont always finish, I just like to try and evoke a certain feeling or scene.

Grand Marshall Gliebnar strolled onto the bridge of the Valdar Type 2 Imperial Cruiser with an air of a man that said today was the day that he would invade Earth and capture her for the glory of the Torzgar empire.  If there was any doubt on the matter, which there most certainly was not, but if there was then the dossier in his hand confirmed precisely that and today was the day that he would invade earth and capture her for the glory of the Torzgar empire.  It said it across the front.  In a rather large and shouty font.

“Commander Dren” he said hands on hips staring out into the inky blackness.  “Please confirm all stations ready and the fleet is ready for stage 1 invasion.”

Commander Dren paused and looked quite uncomfortable.  He was sweating profusely and his norbel gland was throbbing rather intensely.

“Commander?” Gliebnar shouted turning to face him.  “What is it, is there a problem?”  The thick scales on his face seemed to ripple as he ground his teeth.  He was a terrible teeth grinder.

Dren tried to speak. “’s just that…”

“On come on man out with it” Gliebnar barked.

He held out a paper, his claws shaking as Gliebnar snatched it from him.  “It’s about the Humans Grand Marshall.  A paper prepared by the Office of Alien Landing and Occupation.  I think perhaps we may want to reconsider our approach.”

“Our approach?” Gliebnar snapped.  “The same approach that has worked on endless civilisations that have succumbed to the might of the mighty Torzgar empire?”  As he said this he stood a little taller, his shoulders back and his chest out.

“Well yes sire it’s just that they seem rather difficult sir.”

“Difficult? Dren I will have you know that they will succumb and surrender like the countless that have gone before and be assimilated into the empire.”

Dren backed away slightly wary of the Grand Marshall’s temper.  He has once seen him beat a man until he cried for his mother for no reason other than a request to attend his own wedding.  “Please sir” he stammered, “please just read the report.”

Gliebnar paused.  “You seem convinced Dren” he answered, “I shall take a look then” and settled into his chair and began to scan through the report.

After a short while he looked up.  “Are we sure this is right?” he asked.

“We are sir.”

“And this has been verified. A planet of hundreds of individual tribes.  All with their own leaders?”

“Yes sir.”

“And despite the significant resources the majority live in poverty?”

“Hard to believe Grand Marshall I realise, but they are in many ways little more than savages.”

Gliebnar placed the report down on his lap.

“Thank you Dens” he said rising to his feet and reaching for the comms.  “I think perhaps extermination will prove far easier…”

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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