Check this out. It’s frightfully grown up.

Well it was when I set out…

sun slowly fading

first signs of autumn changes

dog shit ‘neath the leaves


Okay so I started trying to do a proper one but mostly I am then just drawn to images of leaves on the ground and we all know what leaves on the ground means right? No?  It means dog shit hidden by leaves.  You cant go running through the leaves and kicking them playfully anymore for fear of whipping up a Doberman turd into the face of a passing child or being late for school because you have to head back home to clean the crap out of the kids school shoes.

No, I am not ready for Autumn yet because it will inevitably make me grumpy and complain about dog owners a lot and it has so been a pleasant summer.

A disturbing haiku before bed?

A most unpleasant image

Urine stained POTUS

masturbates into a sock

naked on his desk

I know it’s wrong and inappropriate but it might be true and I know this says a lot about me but I find the image hilarious and sometimes you just have to laugh you know.

It did originally read:


Urine stained POTUS

masturbates into a sock

On a pile of orphans


But the last line has one too many syllables.  I know, It’s a waste of a good sock too!




O is for Originality

just do it!

Not an easy thing really is it.  I mean what hasn’t already been said or done?  What idea hasn’t been explored time and time again and how many blogs already do something very similar to the one you just created.

You know what, I haven’t been doing this for long so I am hardly in a position to give advice but Im going to.  Just keep going at it, as hard as you can because most people are really lazy buggers with no stamina at all and they will probably give up at some point.

You don’t have to be the first to do something or even the best, sometimes working hard and sticking to your guns and not being lazy will get you somewhere.  And if that doesn’t work then maybe you’re just not very good at it and need to try something else but at least you tried and that’s more than most people do because a lot of people are just pointless and the world wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

But not you.  You’re special because you’re reading this and somewhere out there are people who want to hear your voice.