The things people do…

Based in fiction obviously

I watched the most recent league of Gentlemen and have had Tubbs on my mind very much and this is somewhat driven by that image of her with the pig.  If you’ve seen it you know the one.  If not you should.  Or what about that episode of Black Mirror with the pig.  Oh yes that one!




Another year, same old limericks

What? I like writing them…change isn’t always good.

Once a vicar quite fond of the whisky

found it made him quite hot and most frisky

one bleak Sunday in Lent

he’s caught pitching a tent

caused some fuss I can tell you , quite risque


That just about sets the tone for 2018 I reckon.


Found these down the side of the couch. Probably for good reason.

There once was a fellow from Leeds

Had some real dark and rather sick needs

Shouted “Bring me a goat

Two small kids and a boat

And a full yard of glass anal beads”


Each December we put up a tree

Decorate it with oh so much glee

Then we watch as it dies

As we gorge on mince pies

Christmas pudding, cold turkey and brie


A poor fellow addicted to crack

Pimped himself cos he couldn’t go back

To his family and wife

Though he missed his old life

He was also quite hooked on ball sack