Bad dad

Sometimes you just get it all wrong.

Now I like to think I have done an okay job so far in protecting my kids from many of the nastier things that lurke the internet.  They don’t have social media accounts, I have full access to their phones, they don’t have them in their room at night etc etc.  They know that I will occasionally check out what they have been doing and are for the most part pretty good kids to be honest.

Earlier today I stumbled upon this article going around warning parents to be aware of a new online ‘Suicide Game’ threat.  Momo.  I figured I would just make sure that they were aware of the risks and tried to assure them that all was okay whilst at the same time just cautioning them to take care.

This is the picture associated with the ‘Momo’ character.  Creepy as hell right.


My first mistake was thinking that I could wing it a little and npot have full info so instead of them taking heed they were suddenly rather curious.  Second mistake was mentioning the terrifying woman creature thing that accompanies the challenges and that wants you to kill yourself.

Oh and letting the eldest have a sneak peek to assure him that it wasn’t that scary was a really really bad idea too.  As was pretending there was something making a noise in the bathroom.  Oh and there was the small matter of the blood curdling scream and shouts of “oh god she’s got me”.  That may have also been a step too far.

Anyway he is now in bed with his mum and I will be spending the evening in the spare room.

Hope that scary bitch doesn’t come and get me!



Screw you haiku volume…6?

More haiku, and today I will be using the phrase “Dead hobo doorway”


The haiku, so proud, tight, formal. So little saying so much.  Mostly though I like to defile them with the ridiculous.


The snap of the glove

Not completely unpleasant

Prostate checked out fine


Left his phone unlocked

Wife browses the internet

Sweating profusely


Waves crash like thunder

grey skies, cold waters, time flies

Makes me need a wee


Red dress and pale skin

Heads turn, hearts race, open mouthed

Wardrobe malfunction


Cold blue winter skies

Crisp snow covers city streets

Dead hobo doorway

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