Dieting. 7.

A new dawn?

So either I have absolutely no will power or I am possessed by a rather hungry demon who insists on eating crisps for breakfast and considers a slack handful of sausages and a coke a mid day snack.

I last wrote about dieting in December and I felt pretty motivated back then.  I still feel pretty motivated now to be honest, but I think it is important to not confuse motivation for actions.  I am motivated to do many things but that does not mean I act.  It took me thirty years to take up writing so stopping eating squirty cream from the can is not going to happen overnight.  Saying that overnight is normally when the squirty cream action takes place.

Today though I have woken up with a new motivation.  Mostly I have spent the morning lingering in bed or writing and as it came to lunch time I realised that I had not yet eaten so I figured that probably technically counts as abeing on a diet so yes, the diet is back on.

I have definitely put on weight since I last wrote, I can feel it in the way my clothes fit me even less than they did previously and I can feel it in the way I move.  Not a lot, but enough to tell me that at my age, and given that I spend a lot of my time at a desk, this weight loss lark is only going to get trickier and trickier as I get older.  I imagine having bacon sandwiches every Friday doesn’t help either, but mostly It’s probably down to age and metabolism.

Not the Chinese takeaway I had last night.  Definitely not that.

I love food so not eating is not an option, and having dabbled with dieting forever I think I am going to do my best to stick to Slimming World.  There are eggs, lean bacon and chopped tomatoes in the kitchen which I think I shall make.  I know its not as good as bran or some such but god have you eaten bran?  I’d rather die a bulbous monstrosity who has to wash himself with a rag on a stick than force that down my gullet.  I once took too large a spoon full of the stuff when I was trying to eat more of it to prevent myself dying from bowel cancer, something that kills a lot of men in my family, and it  actually made me gag so difficult was it to chew.  Like a proper eye watering “take it all” kind of gag.

No thanks.

I’ll let you know how it goes.





Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

21 thoughts on “Dieting. 7.”

  1. A most critical component of both diet and exercise, at least in my opinion, is to do what you don’t hate.
    A program that is somewhat effective but sustainable will yield vastly better results when compared to a highly effective program that you hate, and therefore can’t commit to…

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  2. I like bran on my ice cream because it adds a nice little crunch. hmmm…. does it still count as diet food if it’s on ice cream? I think my approach to dieting is ying/yang — a little good and a little bad, lol.

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  3. Ha ha – I go through this periodic “modification to my eating” phase as well. At the first of the month, it is “well, it is a brand-new month”, then that fizzles out and it is some other proclaimed day, like St. Pat’s Day, or the First Day of Spring. But, something seems to dash my spirits and my good intentions – so I identify with this post. It is like exercise. Oh, I love the walking, but when it was Winter I said “I’ll ride the exercise bike every morning” … that sounds good on paper, but the early alarm goes off, and I’m still under the covers, the furnace comes on, and I snuggle down further … like Scarlett O’Hara said in “Gone with the Wind” … I’ll think about it tomorrow.
    Since 2011, every year I give up something for Lent, but when Lent is over, I stop eating that item for good. I realize I don’t eat anything fun anymore, having giving up sweets, treats, salty snacks, fast food, and whatever else – there is nothing else left to give up. This year it was Goldfish crackers – I love them and classify them not as a “salty snack” thus giving myself some wiggle room. I had a bad day at work and broke into the industrial-sized carton. It was worth it though. It proved I was human.

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  4. Lol . I’ve had goldfish crackers I think they are delicious. I like the idea of giving it up and then giving it up permanently full stop you seem rather disappointed in most things that you do ill give you that much

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  5. I was pretty proud of myself doing it that way and I used to be a big sweet eater. Not candy, as I was never allowed to eat candy growing up – I had no siblings and my parents were strict. They didn’t drink pop/soda, so either did I and still don’t drink it, but cookies were my downfall. That was my first thing I gave up – don’t miss it, but I know if I went somewhere and smelled fresh cookies baking, I’d succumb for sure. When I worked on site, there was a bakery in the building, and every morning she made warm chocolate chip cookies … you could buy 3 of them (they were size of silver dollar) for $0.25. You could NOT walk past that little bakery and not go in. I’m bad with the goldfish crackers, but at least I eat the whole-grain ones. I don’t eat anything white anymore – all whole-grain and it is satisfying.
    Interestingly, I was so good in changing my diet to eat healthy, and I forgot to say that I gave up red meat a couple of years ago because heart disease runs in my family, that I thought I was eating the right things. Then I got gout in my toe – I’ll show you the post I wrote, which is long, when you have time, I know it’s late there. But when I Googled to find out what caused gout in my toe everything I ate was all wrong. What??? I was eating healthy – but all the wrong foods. Had to completely retool my diet and it became even more boring. But I didn’t want to go on gout meds so I changed what I ate and no problems now. It made no sense … turkey is bad, chicken is fine; canned tuna is bad, salmon is fine. Go figure.

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  6. You ate bran on its own by the spoonful? Oh my. If you’re going to eat that stuff, you have to hide it in tasty things. Putting it on top of something is not going to do. Put it in sauce or something. But it’s got to be a sauce that isn’t smooth otherwise, it will be like sandpaper sauce. But whatever you do, do everything you can for your colon. If you have cancer in your family, it’s best not to take chances. Who else would provide me with my Haikus and limericks?!

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  7. Sometimes I wonder how any of us are still alive…

    Some people live terribly N live forever n those who tee to be healthy do down dead at fifty.

    Turkey bad but chicken food ? Hmm see thsts just mad.

    The wife tries to keep me off white stuff. Its just thst it’s soooo nice.

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  8. I wonder that as well Michael. Turkey versus chicken, tuna versus salmon made no sense to me either. I’m used to the whole-grain bread now, even enjoy it, particularly the rustic-style bread that seems more fulfilling to me. But it is hard to pass up a nice bread basket with warm white bread or rolls wafting from underneath the cloth cover … then I’d succumb to it.


  9. You should have some delicious bread today if for no other reason than the fact that Google Doodle is touting England’s first popular cook, Hannah Glasse … that bread she is pulling out of the oven looks delicious. 🙂

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