More limericks about sad things

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my quest to determine whether a limerick can make the most horrid subject a little less so…


I fellow I know, a romancer

lovely wife, healthy kids and great dancer

had it all so he thought

but it all came to nought

when he died really young of brain cancer

These Twins at birth were separated

who later in life met and dated

they had kids, sad to say

hip conjoined by the way

now in freak show they’re quite celebrated

“You’re adopted” says father to son

“and I’ve just had a chat to your mum

It’s just not working out

we don’t want you about

this parenting lark’s just no fun.”


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    1. Thanks. Theyre … the future. Bringing mirth to the darkest of times.

      So sorry you fell down a well
      Broke your legs, soiled your pants how u smell
      Gangarene ate your meat
      Now you’ve now got metal feet
      And you own a great wheel chair as well

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