I am my mother’s mistake – Five Sentence Story Prompt

“Do I really have to go out again today?” Mina asked, already knowing the answer but hoping that today might be the day when she wouldn’t have to go out onto the streets.

Ventra raised a hand but stopped short of striking her – too many bruises and someone might start to ask questions.

“You know you do, now get out there with the others, how else are we supposed to buy food”  he shouted, face full of rage and his well manicured fingers instinctively stroking the strap of the gold Rolex on his wrist, “you should be grateful for all we do for you, without us you’d be dead just like her!”

“What’s wrong” Colima asked, popping her head around the door “what’s all the shouting about, Is she causing trouble again?”

“I tell you Colima” Ventra replied angrily, fists clenched, “she’s ungrateful this one, selfish – just like your sister was – she’s just lucky she had us to clean up after her mistakes.”


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