#SalemVerse Prompt #18 – Flashing Lights

‘Flashing Lights’ was the prompt.

Each blink and flash illuminates

laid bare, the hunger shown

then lights fierce glare fades slow lips wet

and in the dark alone

a hunger deep, a need to fill

his thirst to satisfy

he must succumb and cannot wait

without a thought to why

he lusts and needs and craves and wants

then light once more shines bright

he stands before the fridge quite hungry

in his underwear at night

#SalemVerse Prompt #17 – Malevolent

‘Malevolent’ was the prompt.

He taps into his darker self, malevolent thoughts he seeks

yet mostly struggles them to find and darkness then to speak

yet deep he digs perhaps to find the things he keeps well hid

and in a moment clear a rage he heeds the prompts dark bid


Gives voice to things he’d like to do and thoughts he entertains

of zombie infestations seeing creatures eat friends brains

he shoves a colleague down the stairs, into a river does kittens throw

and finger bangs a woman that he doesn’t want to know


He defecates outside a school, and then punches a horse

makes pranks calls to widower and mocks the dead of course

then dreaming of the things he like to do and those he hates

he peers in through your window, on your roses masturbates



kittens drowned and puppies kicked he revels in the spite

and chokes his wife with trembling hands as she sleeps through the night

All day he entertains and dreams and lets the darkness out

into a cinema he runs “Allah Akbar” shouts out


And then with poem on the page the darkness does recede

and bids you keep his secret and the darkness not to feed

with smiles and laughs the rage does pass and normal it returns

he presses publish, smiles and winks and to the next page turns

#SalemVerse Prompt #14 – Disembodied Voices

‘Disembodied Voices’ was the prompt. Be damned with structure I say…

Night cold wraps arms so tight round

and smothers hope and cackles sharp

as cuts run deep and fears run wild

and madness on the wind returns.


Feet raw back bent and furrowed brow

hands clasped tight around ears

rank voices beg come home to where

you left us deep beneath the soil


And parting breath  mists in the night

nails scratch frantic at the earth

and laughter fills the darkest night

dragged screaming away at last


#SalemVerse Prompt #12 – Melody

‘Melody’ was the prompt

She sits and waits, atop the waves, and calls into the night



sweet welcome words, and promise sweet, calls travellers to her light

poor weary souls, so far from home, melody spans the seas

port in the storm, her welcome arms, to do with as she please

and in her grasp, her lilting tune, eyes search for welcome land

and hopes there dashed, and vessels smashed, beneath the waves now damned



#SalemVerse Prompt #10 – Lucid Dreams

‘Lucid Dreams’ was the prompt


As midnight comes, heart filled with fright

Deep sleep invades with force and might

darkness comes and steals thoughts white

and fills dread mouth with screams


And knuckles white and fists gripped tight

all is consumed and hope so sleight

a future dark a loveless plight

devoid of suns bright beams



As dawn approaches cold and bright

throws off the shackles of the night

and black relents, gives way to light

all just a dream it seems


Yet soul corrupted, rancid blight

all joy is stolen, no delight

to head and heart foul beasts invite

and succumbs to her dreams





#SalemVerse Prompt #09 – Ravens

For this one we got a word and a picture to play with.

Like shards of restless blackened soul

Take flight and to darkness return

And tears of blood wept, never whole

And doomed to watch and never learn

For torture sweet her only goal

Finds joy in watching embers burn

Eyes red as flame heart black as coal

She comes to feed and love to spurn

#SalemVerse Prompt #07 – Disturbed

The challenge was to use the phrase “Disturbed” in a piece.

Wide eyed, seduced by ravenous red lipped mouth filled with rancid lies

promises made with soft sweet word

and years pass as time quickly flies

and rotten flesh writhes in filthy beds and mind so frail disturbed