#SalemVerse Prompt #17 – Malevolent

He taps into his darker self, malevolent thoughts he seeks

yet mostly struggles them to find and darkness then to speak

yet deep he digs perhaps to find the things he keeps well hid

and in a moment clear a rage he heeds the prompts dark bid


Gives voice to things he’d like to do and thoughts he entertains

of zombie infestations seeing creatures eat friends brains

he shoves a colleague down the stairs, into a river does kittens throw

and finger bangs a woman that he doesn’t want to know


He defecates outside a school, and then punches a horse

makes pranks calls to widower and mocks the dead of course

then dreaming of the things he like to do and those he hates

he peers in through your window, on your roses masturbates



kittens drowned and puppies kicked he revels in the spite

and chokes his wife with trembling hands as she sleeps through the night

All day he entertains and dreams and lets the darkness out

into a cinema he runs “Allah Akbar” shouts out


And then with poem on the page the darkness does recede

and bids you keep his secret and the darkness not to feed

with smiles and laughs the rage does pass and normal it returns

he presses publish, smiles and winks and to the next page turns