#SalemVerse Prompt #10 – Lucid Dreams

‘Lucid Dreams’ was the prompt


As midnight comes, heart filled with fright

Deep sleep invades with force and might

darkness comes and steals thoughts white

and fills dread mouth with screams


And knuckles white and fists gripped tight

all is consumed and hope so sleight

a future dark a loveless plight

devoid of suns bright beams



As dawn approaches cold and bright

throws off the shackles of the night

and black relents, gives way to light

all just a dream it seems


Yet soul corrupted, rancid blight

all joy is stolen, no delight

to head and heart foul beasts invite

and succumbs to her dreams





Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

8 thoughts on “#SalemVerse Prompt #10 – Lucid Dreams”

  1. They come from Twitter mate if you have a look for Salem verse on Twitter you will see them you’ll recognise the pictures I’m using they come from the Twitter feed. They’re definitely worth taking a look at the good fun and I think they suit your darker side

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