2000AD Dredd the Movie – Schematic

Just because I thought it was cool. that’s why/

There are two Dredd films, and I actually love them both.  Yes the first is awful for many reasons but seeing Dredd on screen still thrills me.  Karl Urban’s Dredd was more to the liking of most than Stallone’s and I agree – that was a fabulous film.  I don’t plan to go into all that though. what I wanted to show you was a schematic for a corridor.

More specifically a design sketch for a corridor in the Karl Urban Dredd film.

I just thought it was cool so I bought it…


2000AD Prog 71

1st of July 1978

I wrote about the banned Ronald McDonald storyline here, well here is another fantastic  colour double spread from the story printed in Prog 71.  A thing of real beauty drawn by Mike McMahon and written by pat Mills.

I’ll tell you about the time I met Mike another time, but he is a thoroughly pleasant chap.








2000AD Prog 78

12th of August 1978

Last week I showed you the 2000AD Ronald McDonald v Burger King episode from 1978 that will never see a reprint due to it’s copyright infringement.  Today I will bring you another from 5 weeks later.  This time they featured the Jolly Green giant and again, you’ll never see a reprint I am certain.

The prog also features Dan Dare, Ant Wars, a Future Shock and Ian Gibson’s unmistakable ROBO HUNTER art.  Love it muchly!  The back cover has a series of what were intended to be cu out cards that formed part of a board game that would be printed over a 6 week period.  I’m rather glad the person who had mine originally did not!






2000AD Glimmer Rats – Comic Art

Gordon Rennie and Mark Harrison bring you Glimmer Rats.

One of my all time favourite 2000AD strips is Glimmer Rats.  Written by the legend that is Gordon Rennie and drawn by Mark Harrison it really is a great story and a feast for the eyes.

I picked up a couple of pieces of the art from it on EBAY somehow a few years ago and they are gorgeous sketches what have been water coloured in black and grey.  I think.  Take a look I hope you like them and if you can you should pick up a copy of it because it is freakishly gorgeous.


2000AD Comic Art by Boo Cook

A couple of pieces by Boo Cook.

Last time out I shared this fantastic Boo Cook piece, and I said I would share more so here you go.  These are pieces I picked up at a con in 2013 and the minute I saw them I had to have them.  I’d just walked into the place and my entire budget was blown in the first 5 minutes.  These are A3 pieces and they really show Boo’s wonderful sketching and I adore all the fine details which I hope the photos show.  He was such a sound bloke and so friendly and I certainly treasure the pieces.



2000AD Prog 72

8th of July 1978

There are a number of issues of 2000ad which will never see a reprint because they infringed copyright, and Prog72 is one of those.  It featured the ‘Burger Wars’ story which sees Ronald McDonald and The Burger King take centre stage.   It has a gorgeous colour centre spread by Mike McMahon which still looks great now even after thirty years.

You can still get your hands on the originals fairly easily if you’re willing to spend a few quid, it certainly won’t break the bank.  Old Ronnie hasn’t changed much over the years as you can see though the King does look somewhat better now than then I think.  Inferno, Dan Dare, Ant Wars and Mach Zero also feature in the prog. 




2000AD Prog 1

26 February 1977

I have written about 2000AD previously and my love for what is most definitely the most marvelous comic in the galaxy, but unfortunately the blog I posted them all to was deleted in a nasty WordPress accident a while back so I figured I’d start posting again on the subject. Rather than waffling on about how and why I love this comic so much let’s just jump straight in to the very first issue published in 1977.

These are photos of my actual copy. For A comic over forty years old even now it still looks amazing. I don’t have the red space spinner that came with it and whilst many collectors would be crazy about the copy with it attached I’m not overly fussed I just love being able to read it even if it isn’t in the best of conditions.

Judge Dredd was not actually in the very first copy and you can see in one of the photographs below it says he’s coming next week.

ART – Dredd and the Dark Judges by Carlos Ezquerra

All hail King Carlos!

Think of 2000AD and you think of Judge Dredd.  Think of Dredd and you have to think of John Wagner’s writing and the art work of Carlos Ezquerra.

Today I am going to share with you one of my most prized possessions, my Carlos Ezquerra piece.

For as long as I can remember there has been something so appealing and compelling about his work.  Some of my earliest memories are of his Dredd and Strontium Dog art and as I started to build my collection I knew I needed to find one of his.

A few years back I managed to pick up what you can see here in pictures.  Cost a pretty penny at £500 but god I love it.  It comes from Prog 734 published in 1991 and below you can see a photo of the weekly Prog next to the original artwork used for publication.

It features not only Dredd but all 4 of the dark Judges in Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis and also includes the acetate with the lettering which is overlaid over the artwork.  I keep it hidden away mostly and dont like to get it out apart from now and again when I like to just stare at it and smile…

ART – Rogue Trooper by Mike Collins

This is a piece I picked up at Thought Bubble in Leeds a couple of years ago.  I think it set me back a hundred pounds and was well worth every penny. Its from the ‘Boneyard’ story line written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Mike Collins.

Rogue first appeared in Prog 228 in 1981, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons he continues to feature to this day.  Such a fan am I that I actually have a Rogue inspired tattoo that I will have to write about sometime.

I just love the piece and how it captures Rogue plus all 3 of his Bio Chip buddies Bag, Helm and Gunner.

Though I continue to search for a Cam Kennedy Rogue to add to my collection they are a rare thing so I shall stick with this wonderful piece until then.

Prog 3 – 12th of March 1988

I have a fair collection of 2000AD progs.  Okay by a fair amount I mean them all, or at least all of the weeklies at least going all the way back to 1977. I didn’t collect them all each week myself and will write more about my acquisition another time but for today I thought I would share Prog3.  Why 3?  Well because I wanted to keep 1 and 2, which featured Dredd for the first time, for another time.

I am no student of these things and cannot truly do justice to the history of this most wonderful work but what I am most happy to do is to share from the huge piles of them scattered around my home.

It was published on the 12th of March 1977 costing 8p, and the stories featured can be seen below.  With a Colour front and back cover and double page middle spread it is still a thing of beauty to hold even today.  It smells amazing too and has lasted so well for something forty years old.  Sadly my copy doesn’t have the ‘Red Alert’ free gift but I don’t really mind, I collect them to read them and am less concerned with condition and such.  Click on the pictures below to take a look.HARLEM HEROES

Featuring Pat Mills’ FLESH, INVASION, M.A.C.H. 1, John Wagner’s Dredd and DAN DARE from Frank Hampson it packed a real punch.  Interesting, at this early stage there was no credit given  with the now familiar credits to artist, writer and letterer only appearing in later progs.

2000Ad, Elephant Men and Batman

Just a few pieces from my collection

I have a bit of a thing for original comic artwork. Whether pages bought on the internet, usually from the pages of 2000AD or bits and pieces I pick up at comic conventions, I have amassed something of a collection over the last few years.

To hold in your hands the original drawings that make it into the comics you love is quite something and since I picked up my first piece about 8 years ago it remains a real passion. Below are a few pieces I actually found in the cellar that I forgot about. They were picked up at a Comic convention in Leeds and another in London in 2013. I put them in a box when we started house renovations 18 months ago and discovered them this week.


A quite magnificent Dredd by Gary Erskine. He was kind enough to also let me have the sketch he did. It was amazing to stand and watch him create this and just talk to him about Dredd and Roller Grrrls and all sorts.


A Mike Collins Rogue Trooper. A real prize possession and a thing of Beauty.


A John Mcrea Dredd from LSCC which I just adore.


A much treasured Elephantmen page by Boo Cook. So so good. Below are a few more, some by boo cook and a Batman by Dave Taylor. I have piles more but thought I would just share a few tonight.



Me and Judge Dredd

Happy borthday Judge Dredd, 41 years and going strong!

If I count the things that are particularly precious to me 2000ad is right up there. I mean right up there, perhaps not above the kids but definitely well ahead of a number of the members of my wider family.

Not sure what it is?

Well 2000AD is a weekly British Science fiction comic, first published in 1977 and probably most famous for bringing us Judge Dredd.

From my earliest age I loved the characters and the artwork and a thread throughout my life for as long as I can remember. I remember first reading it in the early eighties growing up in South Africa and the impact it had was huge, feeding my love of science fiction and it is something that has never left me.

When we had our first child we had very little and only £600 in the bank and the opportunity to buy the entire 30 year back catalogue presented itself. Price? You guessed it. £600. I remember driving 200 miles to Bristol in a battered old Vauxhall Corsa with the last of our savings and loading them into the car from floor to roof. You any idea how many comics that is? Well now I have 40 years worth plus some others and believe me, storing more than 2500 comic books is no easy feat. That is every issue from number 1 in 1977.

Ive also developed a love of comic artwork over the years, and will write about it again in a future post but to feed my love of all things 2000Ad I have amassed a pretty sizeable collection of original comic art which I absolutely adore. The photo below shows A Clint Langley original above the printed version.


Have I ever mentioned my tattoos? No? Well this is one of my 2000ad themed ones. A quite gorgeous Judge Dredd on my left arm done by Lee Rudeboy Reynolds at Rude studios in Leeds. A truly marvellous artist. I have another on my right that I will show you another time,


My love gets worse though. I have two children, and both have middle names named after things that really matter to me. I will tell more about my eldest’s some other time but I can confirm that my youngest’s middle name is Joseph, named after Judge Joseph Dredd.

So as you can see, a real influence in my life and there is still nothing as fabulous as the most recent copy dropping through my letter box each week…