2000AD ART – Rogue Trooper by Mike Collins

A piece from London Super Comic Con in 2013.

One of the real joys of the cons I visit is the thrill of one of your favourite artists being there and fingers crossed, getting them to do you a drawing.  Back in 2013 I picked this piece up at London super comic convention, drawn by Mike Collins.  I am a huge Rogue Trooper fan (and must show you my tattoo to prove it at some point).  

 Best known these days as a storyboard artist for TV (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Knightfall, Good Omens), Mike Collins has a thirty-year track record as a comic artist and writer, including producing a critically acclaimed adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. He has worked on all the major Marvel and DC characters, including Spider-Man, X-Men, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. He also draws a series of graphic novels based on the adventures of Varg Veum, Gunnar Staalesen’s iconic Norwegian private eye.

Quite often you can just stand there and watch them draw which is so very cool.  I think this piece cost me £35 and took him quite some time.  Certainly wasn’t a quick scribble.





2000AD ART – Rogue Trooper – Mike Collins

From London Super Comic Con in 2013

Mike Collins did this piece for me in London in 2013.  Mike was a thoroughly pleasant chap and has a fabulous body of work including Dredd (which I will show you another time), Slaine, Rogue Trooper, Spiderman, Batman, Doctor Who, Transformers, Superman.

Rogue is a genetically engineered super soldier and one of the defining characters in 2000AD.  Just last week it was announced that Duncan Jones will be directing a new ROgue film.  I will admit to having pissed a little upon hearing the news.  At least now it might be easier to explain who Rogue is when they see my Rogue Trooper tattoo.  You know I don’t think I’ve shown you that one yet have I.  Must get round to it.


ART – Rogue Trooper by Mike Collins

This is a piece I picked up at Thought Bubble in Leeds a couple of years ago.  I think it set me back a hundred pounds and was well worth every penny. Its from the ‘Boneyard’ story line written by Gordon Rennie and illustrated by Mike Collins.

Rogue first appeared in Prog 228 in 1981, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons he continues to feature to this day.  Such a fan am I that I actually have a Rogue inspired tattoo that I will have to write about sometime.

I just love the piece and how it captures Rogue plus all 3 of his Bio Chip buddies Bag, Helm and Gunner.

Though I continue to search for a Cam Kennedy Rogue to add to my collection they are a rare thing so I shall stick with this wonderful piece until then.

2000Ad, Elephant Men and Batman

Just a few pieces from my collection

I have a bit of a thing for original comic artwork. Whether pages bought on the internet, usually from the pages of 2000AD or bits and pieces I pick up at comic conventions, I have amassed something of a collection over the last few years.

To hold in your hands the original drawings that make it into the comics you love is quite something and since I picked up my first piece about 8 years ago it remains a real passion. Below are a few pieces I actually found in the cellar that I forgot about. They were picked up at a Comic convention in Leeds and another in London in 2013. I put them in a box when we started house renovations 18 months ago and discovered them this week.


A quite magnificent Dredd by Gary Erskine. He was kind enough to also let me have the sketch he did. It was amazing to stand and watch him create this and just talk to him about Dredd and Roller Grrrls and all sorts.


A Mike Collins Rogue Trooper. A real prize possession and a thing of Beauty.


A John Mcrea Dredd from LSCC which I just adore.


A much treasured Elephantmen page by Boo Cook. So so good. Below are a few more, some by boo cook and a Batman by Dave Taylor. I have piles more but thought I would just share a few tonight.