2000Ad, Elephant Men and Batman

Just a few pieces from my collection

I have a bit of a thing for original comic artwork. Whether pages bought on the internet, usually from the pages of 2000AD or bits and pieces I pick up at comic conventions, I have amassed something of a collection over the last few years.

To hold in your hands the original drawings that make it into the comics you love is quite something and since I picked up my first piece about 8 years ago it remains a real passion. Below are a few pieces I actually found in the cellar that I forgot about. They were picked up at a Comic convention in Leeds and another in London in 2013. I put them in a box when we started house renovations 18 months ago and discovered them this week.


A quite magnificent Dredd by Gary Erskine. He was kind enough to also let me have the sketch he did. It was amazing to stand and watch him create this and just talk to him about Dredd and Roller Grrrls and all sorts.


A Mike Collins Rogue Trooper. A real prize possession and a thing of Beauty.


A John Mcrea Dredd from LSCC which I just adore.


A much treasured Elephantmen page by Boo Cook. So so good. Below are a few more, some by boo cook and a Batman by Dave Taylor. I have piles more but thought I would just share a few tonight.