Gift and Song – Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge

Here we go again.   I am going to be serious this week.  Feel my haiku!  Thanks as ever to Colleen for her prompts.  Check her blog out out here.

This weeks words are Gift and Song.


Intoxicating, lost

in the heady gift of song

melting to her voice


or maybe


thanks, the gift of song

an itunes voucher from gran

My phone’s an android


And back to serious


Song bird, gilded cage

Trapped, craving the blue expanse

I gift her freedom


Then back to silly, using Serenade instead of song


She smiles, crimson cheeks

He serenades from below

Dad’s Chamber pot thrown 


And one last Serious one


truly you’re a gift

you fill my heart with such song

My children my life


Ok ok one last silly one, for balance…


other worldly voice

Children crying dogs howling

clown under your bed


Think that’s quite enough for one  week…

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