Jupiter Glow – Room 101

Incoming voice transmission…

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words but this month I will allow myself more.  M’s prompt was ‘Jupiter Glow’.

 No matter how hard they try they can never prepare you for the loneliness of space.  The fellows in the white coats test you and explore the extent to which your mind can be pushed but they really have no idea what true isolation will do to you. 

 You try to retain a degree of positivity but there comes a point when you lose all hope, and for me that point was when I flashed past Mars with my pod still accelerating.  Mars was my last hope you see, my salvation.  If anyone could have survived the Orion onslaught it was those tough bastards but with my emergency beacon out and navigation systems shot I simply sailed by into the inky black of space. 

 I doubt it mattered though because there were no signs of life on my scanners.  In fact, there had been no sign in any quadrant since I jettisoned at the battle of Ceres Outpost and whilst I had enough supplies to keep me going for a few months – assuming the hydro-recycle unit on my suit keeps functioning – I doubt that I will make it through the asteroid belt to see the glow of Jupiter.

 It’s a shame really because my god she is a sight to behold…




Fragrant Fog – Room 101

It’s been a while since I did anything constructive on here. Let’s give it a try.

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words but this month I will allow myself more.  M’s prompt was ‘Fragrant Fog’.

James pulled his coat collar high up around his ears as he left the tube station and crossed the road towards the bus terminal.  It was cold for the time of year and the night was still, unusually so. 

 “God I can’t wait for spring” he mumbled to himself as a thick fog wound it’s way across the Thames and crawled through the cold wet streets.  He looked at his watch as the white blanket muffled the noise of the traffic and the distant chimes of St Clements as they struck ten.

 “Shit” he said angrily realising he’d just missed his bus.  He would have to wait another half an hour for the next one.

 “Hey mate” came a voice as he crossed into the bus station.  “Can you spare any change?”

 He rummaged in his pockets.

 “Sorry no, got nothing pal” he said looking down at the dishevelled man sat next to the terminal entrance.

 “What about brains?  Got any of them?”

 James stopped in his tracks cocking his head, a quizzical look on his face. 

 “Brains?  What you on about mate?  You might want to stay off the booze.”

 “Not sure really, just fancied some brains you know.”  He got to his feet slowly and took a step towards where he stood.  “Go on, just a little.”

 “Jesus, no” James shouted stepping back.  “Back off man or I’ll call the police.”

 “Please mate, I’m gagging” the man continued, his arms outstretched and blood shot eyes wide and wild.  He licked his lips, eyes fixed on James.  “I’ll only eat a little, I’m just so hungry.”

 Panicked by the look on the man’s face he darted past him and raced into the main concourse of the station.  A few people were huddled from the cold and the fog  and buses stood parked up for the night.

 “Mate please” came a desperate shout.  “Don’t run it’ll be okay I promise and all over in no time.”

 James Turned to see the man shuffling towards him as the for swirled around his feet, arms outstretched and teeth bared.   

 “Shit, shit, shit” he shouted and turned to run, his heart pounding and his heart racing.

 As he ran across the road towards the main ticket office he heard another voice call out to him.

 “Hey pal is everything alright?”

 James looked around frantically, picking out a figure stood in the doorway to what looked to be an admin block.  

 “Please, I need your help” he exclaimed pointing across to where the beggar was slowly shuffling through the fog.  “That crazy bugger is after me and says he wants my brains.”

 The man laughed and emerged slowly from the fog that now filled the air about them.  “Brains you say?  Have you been drinking?”

 James suddenly felt less panicked as he picked out the familiar uniform of the transport police.

 “ No I swear” he insisted, “reckons he wants to eat them.”

 The officer smiled and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

 “You know, I could go for some brains myself…”




Z is for Zombie

Is it weird to admit that I have something of a plan in mind should there be a zombie apocalypse?

I will admit that for a long time I have been of the mind that the world would certainly benefit from a zombie outbreak outbreak.  Maybe it isn’t a full on extinction event but just something to focus people a little and perhaps thin the population.  In the past we had wars that would do that but these days war has turned into an almost corporate event and just doesn’t do the job it once did.  There was a time when you could also rely on pestilence but again, we seem to mostly have that under control at the moment and as a result (whether directly or not I am yet to decide) It now takes me at least 20 minutes to get to work.  There are so many vehicles on the road these days driving in the wrong lane or just generally being annoying that I am pretty sure that with an even low level event that could well be cut to 15 with the resulting thinning of the population.

If there was to be an outbreak I feel pretty good about my chances, and whilst I am not one for squirrelling away supplies or constructing a bolthole in the garden, I do have a plan that I have been putting together over the years.  I know where I would get supplies, and I am confident that I could secure the house and surrounding area to keep anything but the most determined brain hungry creature at bay.  I have a destination out of town that I know for certain would be a pretty great place to ride out the apocalypse and should I for any reason not be able to get out of the street I know which of the neighbours I need to deal with and in what order to ensure that precious resources aren’t wasted.

And just to be clear, the bloke at number 6 who insists on parking badly…top of my list in case we run particularly low on food.

Anyway,there is more but I am not giving it away.  Make your own plan!

Happy Monday


Carrot Ranch Twitter Challenge

This was part of the carrot ranch challenge to write a series of tweets all 9 words each.  11 of them to make a 99 word flash fiction.  I managed to get the structure wrong as it was meant to be just 1 sentence but I enjoyed tweeting it anyway.

Omg date tonight with yummy coffee shop Barista. Eeeek.

 Oct 19

He took my coat, his hand brushed mine.

Lights off phone off show time. Sharing popcorn. Swoon.

rudely interrupted. Disturbance in the foyer. Police here?!?!

Getting the hell out of here. Wtf people dead!

Mum were heading home. Stay away from town

They’re everywhere. No way out. Police overwhelmed, finding shelter.

Just saw an old lady eating a police horse…

bitten. Hiding in Gregg’s bar. Scared mum, help!

He looks hungry. Worst first date EVER! goodbye…

My Twitter Challenge

Here’s the deal. 11 x 9 word tweets to compile a 99 word piece of flash fiction. Easy right?

Okay so there’s this fabulous flash fiction rodeo going on over at Carrot Ranch.  I have been putting in entries each week but you won’t have seen them because I can’t publish then until the judging is over.

The most recent challenge is great fun and is done through twitter.  So, if you have it you can follow it here.  The aim is to write a 99 word flash fiction piece in 11, 9 word tweets.

I don’t really do twitter other than to enjoy the odd perusal of The Donald and to tweet abuse to companies I feel wronged by should I receive terrible service.  It really has just passed me bye mostly.    I do send my Afterwards posts there but only seem to have gathered a following of 14 people

Anyway, let’s see how I do shall we.  See you in the twittersphere perhaps (I am told that’s a thing).

P.S.  Having posted them they look weird and my wife now thinks I have a date with a chap from the coffee shop as only read the first one.  Oddly she seemed okay with it.  #liberated.