My Twitter Challenge

Okay so there’s this fabulous flash fiction rodeo going on over at Carrot Ranch.  I have been putting in entries each week but you won’t have seen them because I can’t publish then until the judging is over.

The most recent challenge is great fun and is done through twitter.  So, if you have it you can follow it here.  The aim is to write a 99 word flash fiction piece in 11, 9 word tweets.

I don’t really do twitter other than to enjoy the odd perusal of The Donald and to tweet abuse to companies I feel wronged by should I receive terrible service.  It really has just passed me bye mostly.    I do send my Afterwards posts there but only seem to have gathered a following of 14 people

Anyway, let’s see how I do shall we.  See you in the twittersphere perhaps (I am told that’s a thing).

P.S.  Having posted them they look weird and my wife now thinks I have a date with a chap from the coffee shop as only read the first one.  Oddly she seemed okay with it.  #liberated.


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