Out in the van – Prague

Where: Prague

When: December 2023

Why: Celebrate the eldrsts 18th

With: Me, the boyd and Mrs Afterwards

So not quite in the van, but a holiday away for a few days to celebrate the eldests birthday. Prague is an absolutely incredible city to visit and if you love history and old buildings and zoos and beer and markets and snow – well this is just a place for you. If you love the idea of delicious local food then this is not the place for you.

They seem to have misplaced all the delicious parts of the pig and kept only the shin’s, knuckles, cheeks, necks and other unslightly parts.

But hey, we had an absolutely fantastic time and once we got the hang of the local metro system it made it even easier to get about and we could fit more into the 4 days we were there. But this is not a travel blog and I’m just sharing a few pictures and wholly recommending it as an absolutely wonderful place to visit.