Ooh look at me being all topical!

Topical, insightful an getting to the heart of the subjects that really matter

If you’ve read any of me then you may well know I like to dabble in inappropriate haiku and limericks.  I know some of the subject matter is a little awkward but work with me…now and then I stumble upon one that’s actually quite good.



A few limericks to start…

Kim-Jun and Donald so hot

For each other though they insist not

But I reckon they would

If only they could

Not get caught making love high on pot


Single dad collects guns for a hobby

Had a son known as Bob, Rob or Robbie

But alas now he’s dead

Fatal shot to the head

From a gun he found primed in the lobby


Poverty, nukes, death and drought

Why leave home, I am not going out

At TV I sit glaring 

but I’m really past caring

Time for curry in bed with a stout


African crisis I never

have seen such despair no not ever

Drought, pain loss, Civil War

HIV, death and more

But hey, least they’ve got lovely weather


And a few haiku for good measure…


Eighteen convicted

North East children now safer

Pretty prison mouths


Head down crossed the road

He never saw it coming

Bus grill needs cleaning


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Photo courtesy of pixabay