Spirit and Joy – Colleen’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #52

My very serious attempt at a Haibun is in there somewhere!

Courtesy of Colleen Chesebo, another weekly Haiku Challenge.  It is the 52nd weekly anniversary, so I’m going to have a crack at the haiku, the Tanka and the Haibun.  Congrats Colleen!



Moved by the spirit

Preacher shouts loudly in tongues

Joy makes us donate


Let’s build on that with a Tanka

Moved by the spirit

Preacher shouts loudly in tongues

thrashes on church floor

he having a seizure? No?

apparently that’s god’s joy


Haibun. I think this is how they go based on what I have read.  They can vary.

As I watched him lowered into the ground I remembered the things I no longer have and am for that I am grateful.  At peace, I remembered and was thankful for those who’s beliefs and behaviour has guided me and helped me find my own path.  As I say goodbye Late spring sun shines dappled through the trees and the distant laughter of children at play serves to remind me of what matters most.

Returned to the earth

A life so well lived and loved

memories abound

A breeze promises rain and as I walk away I am content knowing that there were few regrets and  the echoes of life will ring on until they are no more and replaced by those influenced by what has gone before but has been forgotten.

Light fades at days end

Sleep and pass into darkness

a job so well done


See, I can kind of do serious 🙂

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Pic courtesy of Pixabay.