My wellbeing journey – March Results

Screw you March.

First things first. Screw March. That’s right, you and the horse you rode in on.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s see how it went last month shall we.

Look, it wasn’t a bad month. I have had worse. I have had month’s where it feels like I have single handedly supported the chocolate industry through challenging trading conditions. There were periods where I am certain that I ensured a healthy dividend pay-out to Krispy Kreme shareholders. And there were times when my expanding girth definitely kept nimble fingered small children in far-eastern sweatshops gainfully employed as I was forced to replace my wardrobe with less ill fitting garments.

It was just a month where things just felt …meh.

Yes I managed to do 12000 steps a day at least, and mostly I drank plenty of water every day. I even managed to maintain a relatively normal amount of calories. So like I said, not a bad month. It just felt rather out of control and by chance and not at all focussed. I think I concentrated too much on simple calorie intake rather than focussed meals which left me eating lots of snacks or in-between type of food instead of prepared meals (during the day at least as most nights I have a Hello Fresh meal ready to prep and devour).

I just found it all rather annoying as I know I can do better.

So this month I have started with a renewed focus on balancing my intake and ensuring I have a good balance of Carbs, proteins, fat and fibre. (though I may have threatened to do that last month too). I am also increasing my calorie intake as have been doing some research and think I need to eat more. Sounds daft right, but we shall see whether increasing my calories by around 500 (but focussing on balance inputs) makes a difference.

That said, it’s Easter this weekend so there has been a ton of chocolate around so my balance may be a little off for a couple of days. I simply cannot resist a Cadburys cream egg. I just can’t so I don’t even try.

Anyway, so after 10 months I remain about 22Kg(48 pounds) down from where I started. Not bad I guess. Could have been better but then again, could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

18 thoughts on “My wellbeing journey – March Results”

  1. Congrats anyway Michael … consider all the steps you’re taking and yes, it makes sense you should eat more as you’re surely walking it off. I know I come home starving after a long walk and I have a big bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I had a chocolate bunny today, ears only, my first chocolate in ages … felt good, but hid the rest inside the crockpot so it wasn’t easily accessible. Did you hear the story of Krispy Kreme here in the U.S. offering a donut every day in 2021 to anyone who got their COVID vaccine. People here were aghast that KK should want to encourage people to eat a daily donut, especially since they’d likely walk out with more than one donut to risk appearing cheap for stopping by daily for the freebie. P.S. – You can see the weight loss in your face.

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  2. Sounds like a decent month from where Iโ€™m standing. Iโ€™m dreaming of county cricket starting up again. Where we go watch, the green is all surrounded by parking. Just regular people off to do their weekly shop or something, parking their car next to the green. One match I remember the ball comes flying over long leg and they shout out โ€œMind the car!โ€ As if that will give the ball a heads up that it needs to be careful. No. Smacks the bonnet. Bounces off and rolls in to a wooded hill. An extended tea break follows while others search for the ball, which could have carried on down the hill onto the A road. The good news is it didnโ€™t do that, but it had hidden itself really well. The point is this, you donโ€™t always get to hit a six and if you do it might be followed immediately by tea and Jaffa cakes until play resumes.

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  3. Ooh im with you on that…i have a camper van and love pulling up and settling in for a day hoping they’ll miss my van with the big shots. Roll on summer!

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  4. Morning linda ๐Ÿ™‚

    Im now wondering how many Covid vaccines a body can take? Im.also thinking the bunny should have gone into the oatmeal. And now im thinking im rather hungry !

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  5. Good question Michael. I am thinking just the allotment for that particular shot. I’d have preferred the one-dose J&J to be honest, but went with this. I heard your PM is lifting some of your restrictions … he said he was going to go celebrate by lifting a pint, something to that effect. I love oatmeal and put raisins and walnuts/pecans/sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds in it. A little variety. And a scoop of powdered milk to make it hearty. I should put some of the chocolate bunny in there. More variety! I put it all in a cup and add hot water from the tap … I no longer have a microwave. The hot water mixes the old-fashioned oats in a few minutes … better than cooking it. Lazy cook I am.

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  6. Oh we are full steam ahead for opening up now. Deaths are dropping massively, vaccinations rocketing and more than 50% of adults have now been jabbed. 21st of June all restrictions will be lifted here…Ill be stealign your oatmeal recipes and heading out far and wide again real soon!

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  7. Here in Michigan we had restrictions for a long time, but people got tired of them and cases are surging again. We have lots of vaccination clinics and events going on now and anyone over 16 can get a shot. Yes, try the oatmeal – it will stick with you for many hours!

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