9 thoughts on “April in photos”

  1. The bread caught my attention – I love crusty bread and butter. The other dishes look good too and perhaps you missed your calling Michael – chef instead of IT guru?? Very cool candles on the chocolate cake. That’s quite the beard you got going there – don’t mess up and shave it off this time. 🙂

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  2. I think if I didn’t do what I do I might end up in a kitchen but then I will get even fatter than I am. The Beard will have its own post tomorrow as it has just this morning undergone something of a transformation.

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  3. A fellow blogger’s grandson wants to be a pastry chef. He is attending Johnson & Wales University in North Carolina where he just finished his second year. The first two years was mostly baking – now it gets to the boring part – food service management, but it is necessary to get the Bachelor of Arts degree in baking and pastry arts. I hope when I retire I can spend more time learning how to cook/bake – my efforts thus far are pretty abysmal. If I baked bread, I’d eat the whole loaf at one sitting – I love rustic bread. Last time you really did a number on the beard and had to get rid of it. I will look for your post tomorrow.

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