An ode to dieting

Why is it when I choose to diet
I crave red meat and choose to fry it
And sauces full of cheese – I’ll try it
My resistance sadly none

And when I start the day with bran
I go to work and where I can
Resist temptation, that’s the plan
…By ten I gorge for fun

And suddenly a man possessed
With little will power I’m obsessed
As cream bun crumbs fall down my chest
Devine drips on my tongue

By lunchtime I think, “No” renewed
And salad is my chosen food
Then crumble, custard, fruit well stewed
So weak yet god, so yum

Maybe tonight it will go well
As moobs and belly, jowls do swell
It seems today went all to hell
And god look at my bum

But tomorrow is another day
“I’ll do way better”, hear me say
Perhaps this time I will not stray
And surrender to my tum

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