Just haiku…21 Feb 2016

An attempt at a proper haiku

This week I am having a crack at not being weird and odd when it comes to my itsy bitsy japanese poems.


Chilled bones slowly creak

Frosty fingers grasp my throat

winters icy grip

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

17 thoughts on “Just haiku…21 Feb 2016”

  1. There are a few people who follow me and who I follow that from your neck of the woods and there is a recurring theme of snow snow snow and ice children’s to the Bone and a desperation for anything Green

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  2. Even though it does not get particularly cold where I live and we don’t have a great deal of snow there are a bunch of you from your neck of the woods who I follow or who comment on my posts so I get to see a lot more of this icy cold world at this time of year than I normally would and it’s quite inspiring sometimes

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  3. You summed it up perfectly. Having been born in Canada, you would think I would be more tolerant of the ice/snow/cold … but I’m not. (But you know that already … in fact, my whining might have inspired this post!)

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  4. Yes, that last long month in March becomes unbearable sometimes … but in a four-season state like Michigan, that first warm day in Spring, when you head out the door without a hat, gloves, and a light jacket or you shuck the jacket, is just the most-glorious feeling; likewise, the day the trees “come out” – suddenly the street is filled with green – just gorgeous. I follow a blogger “Kelsey Schmitt” and she recently moved to England (her/husband are from the States) … she wrote of Kensington and Notting Hill and looking forward to seeing the blossoms soon. She and her husband travel quite a bit and their pictures showcase their travels. They are still exploring their new home in London … right now, there is a barricaded gunman one mile from my house … I am not in danger i.e. having to go into the basement but he is in a restaurant, in a standoff with police for three hours … thought it was interesting as I mentioned barricaded gunmen the other day and said none around here …

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  5. Yesterday was a bit like that here you could go out without account and the day seem brighter and it certainly felt like it was spring although and fortunately we are now expecting a polar Vortex or some such nonsense and expecting temperatures to plummet for the next two weeks

    I shall check out that blog thank you.

    It’s funny how life works out like that something similar happened the other day well actually it was nothing at all similar but it will make sense probably I was just wondering about someone I not heard from in about 6 months and within an hour and have a telephone call about that person. The next thing they contacted me which I thought was pretty cool.

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  6. We had two of those Polar vortex deals in back to back years. I lost most of the plants and bushes in my backyard – it used to look like a paradise but after I lost everything, and had started the walking regimen, I decided not to replant and start over. Some bushes had been there since I re-landscaped and tore old stuff out and put in railroad ties on the perimeter in 1985. I had a frozen ice pile at the end of my driveway – snowplow came through and then freezing rain middle of the night and could not get out over it – regular salt or those melting crystals did not help – ran the car in the garage every day but needed a new battery.
    I just follow Kelsey Schmitt’s travel portion of the blog – she/husband have an enviable life in my opinon – many trips a year. I used to travel when I was younger … a lot less complicated to travel then as opposed to today’s travel restrictions and terrorism worries.
    Sounds like a good karma kind of thing, doesn’t it?

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  7. I don’t think we will have it as bad as that..i hope not. Our version of cold doesn’t compare to yours one bit !!

    Least u got plenty of travelling in 🙂 it is s a pain these days for sure. Takes ages to get anywhere

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  8. I’d like your weather better for sure.

    I am glad I traveled when I did – none of my friends wanted to travel and I wanted to see some of the world, so I usually traveled with an organized tour group, although I spent three weeks in Spain with friends who were from there originally and went to Germany and England with my father; my father was born in Germany.

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  9. I think there is a stage in our lives when we want to travel and we need to travel but we need to see things and experience different things and then I also think there’s a time when we are quite happy just where we are

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  10. Right you are Michael. I needed to get to the Park for a long walk and just reboot my brain – just too many things swirling around the news and the aftermath … needed to get away from it all, without packing a suitcase.


  11. Hi Linda

    Sorry I’ve missed your comments over the last while for some reason you ended up in my spam so I’m just trying to make sure that you are no longer


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