Fetish Haiku – Maschalagnia

Read here if you’re wondering “why the bloody hell is he writing fetish haiku?”

Now, if you’re my wife then I am sorry wife, it was only meant as a bit of fun.  If you’re my parents – you probably have yourself to blame to some degree.


Head down inhaling

hot musky heady odours

tangy on the tongue


Armpits.  Some people are get all amorous for pits.  Fair enough I guess.


  1. I’m so glad you went for the out there ones… You could have easily done like, feet… or cuckolding… Or anything in 50 shades of grey…

      1. well.. There are some super strange ones… I think the only one I never understood was the Urethra stretching/training and how that was somehow erotic and pleasing for men…

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