Using the words Ghost and haunt.  I shall start with a piece entitled:  ‘Drunken Liaison’

I wake up sweating

You haunt my sleep like a ghost

what was I thinking

Let’s try another

I’m the ghost, the dark

dreams haunted, hid under your bed

Gosh it needs a clean

Meh.  Maybe a Tanka

She ghosts him, ice cold

he haunts her, stalking every move

restraining order

“Get out of my damn bushes

now I’m calling the police!”

double meh

cold tranquil of night

ghostly noises emanate

haunt me all you like

In the garden you’re buried

such peace and quiet at last

piffle and tosh…

photo courtesy of Kudybadarota @ pixabay

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  1. I really like the in betweens of this. You are so fun sir! 😄

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  2. Thanks for the chuckle today! Another great post, much more than meh!

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  3. I also love your dark, yet humorous, poetic twists, Michael. The under the bed cleaning needed was priceless. 🙂

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