August 11, 2017

In the news this week…

Trust me these are all on the BBC website!  Kind of.  Maybe not in limerick form…

Zac Makwala, a Botswanan runner

Ran 400 in world champs this summer

But he got bottom squirts

And excluded “It hurts!

Its unfair, wrong and oh such a bummer”

A bastard it seems, name of Gus

Got quite fat and his wife made a fuss

So he went for a run

got upset and for fun

pushed a lass passing by ‘neath a bus

Kim-Jung and Donald you ought ta

Stop waffling on about slaughter

Cos the Donald will win

‘Leash his nukes with a grin

Then fondle Kim’s wife, gran and daughter


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  1. I love the last one. The only bad thing about it is that there are too many characters for it to be Twitterable. Sad.


  2. Thanks for the chuckle! The last one is great!



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