Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 44 – #Haiku: HUNT & FIND

I’m going to give this Tanka lark a go, never done one of those before.  I might even do a few.  Think Haiku with a couple more 7 syllable lines tossed in for good measure…

We hunt the dark skies

searching for a sign of life

but what if we find?

watching people lose their minds

religion out the window

Lurking somewhere safe

I hunt but I cannot find

somewhere forgotten

Has anyone seen my keys?

I’m already late for work!

Summer holiday

kids want to go in the pool

hunt for the factor 50

man boobs jiggling in the sun

cannot find my self esteem


Hmmm…not sure I’m cut out for serious endeavours such as this…you can read about my previous encounter with the traditional haiku here.


Look can you see mike

hunt everywhere for a wife

he finds a girlfriend

dates her and took her doggy

out to the park for a walk


Ohhhh…First 3 lines are meant to set the scene, last 2 express how It makes me feel.  Let’s try again.


Watch children growing

find their own path in this life

from boys to young men

Tidy your bloody bedroom

and take a shower you stink!

difficult to find

I hunt for my inner voice

must write a Tanka

maybe this isn’t for me 

think I’ll just go have breakfast


Picture courtesy of tombud @ pixabay.