Balls to you October

See ya later!

 As Blogging months go I really didn’t enjoy October one bit.  It was filled with excuses and distractions and I found very little joy in the whole experience and got myself into a bit of a hole with it all.

I’ve been doing this since last July and I was certainly at my least inspired and uncreative but I wont go as far as to call it writer’s block because there would be the presumption that I am a writer and that is something I just cant really come to terms with.  It was more a matter of not being able to quite find the time to do it properly.

I started a new job a short while ago so am actually having to work for my money which is a real pain in the arse I tell you and at night I was finding myself far too weary when I eventually sat in front of the keyboard so mostly I just went to sleep instead or sulked a bit. 

Now the urges and ideas were still there that wasn’t the problem.  My head is always full of dirty limericks and images of stick people finger banging each other and I am never short of an idea for a bit of a story but time just seemed to conspire against me.  Or at least I let it.

Interestingly my diet also suffered during the month which I wrote about here and I think maybe that was part of the problem.  My discipline in general had gone to pot and across the board I was finding myself unproductive and rather jaded and allowing myself to find excuses wherever they presented themselves.

Anyway, as November loomed I decided bollocks to the excuses and given that I was off today planted my arse in front of the laptop for the day and forced myself to get back on the horse I have so enjoyed riding this last year.  I forced myself to write whatever old bollocks I could muster and you know what, I have enjoyed it immensely.  It’s hardly great stuff but it’s my stuff and I cracked a smile when I did it and I felt rather relaxed by it all which is great because It has caused me some stress at times  which is just ridiculous.

Ive managed maybe ten pieces today which is great but mostly I have enjoyed feeling creative again.  Yes I didn’t feed the kids and absolutely I should have made them do something productive instead of leaving them to do whatever it is they got up to all day, but it was more important for me to do what I needed to do because I far less grumpy and dickish when I am being creative.  I never received any notifications that I had been charged for anything so I think I got away lightly.

I think November will be better.   

Dingle Berries

Honestly, nothing to see at all.

I have done a lot of prompts and am almost never stumped but this one has me.  It is one of M’s December ones found here.  Now this is not because I cannot come up with something, I am quite sure I can but no matter what every time I sit down to write it feels like rather loud mouthed fellow sits on the desk in front of me kegs akimbo and starts to shout rather loudly that I’m crazy about dingle berries, and I am not.  He is accusatory and mean and makes me feel rather bad about myself.

Now, I gave it some thought and I think that this tells me that I do in fact have a filter of sorts – something I am often accused of lacking.

I have researched the differing meanings of dingle berry – and there are a few – but the unpleasant one is the only one I can think of.  So much so that I have revisited this post every day for four days now and no matter how I try my work always seems to involve things that are most unpleasant. More unpleasant than usual.  There was one where there was a glass full of them and another where one fell into someones mouth when they were sleeping.

I think I will just move on to the next one prompt.  Google it though if you’re not sure.  It’ll make sense.