Deepest Desires – Room 101

With the sound of the pub fading into the night she pinned him to the wall biting his lip.  She tasted of whisky and cigarettes,.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt!

With the sounds of the pub fading into the night she pinned him to the wall biting his lip. She tasted of whisky and cigarettes,

“Is your mind mine?” she asked.

“God yes” he stammered, her hands under his shirt, nails digging into him.

“Your soul?”

“Yes!” he answered, her hips writhing against him.

“And your heart?”

“Take it” he said breathless. His wife wouldn’t know. “Just suck m…”

Fingers suddenly transformed to talons she reached inside his chest and pulled out his still beating heart.

“Men” she hissed taking a bite as he slumped lifeless at her feet. “Quite deliciousssssss.”

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Unassuming Diversions – Room 101

Just how much can you actually pack into 101 words? let’s see shall we.

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt!


“Sleep you two” Alan shouted smiling.

The twins giggled.  “Yes dad.”

He rolled the conker they’d given him between his fingers and placed it on the bedside table.  As he closed his eyes the dark shell cracked open and a silvery wisp spilled out, circled his head and darted inside his ear

He missed them more than he hated his ex-wife.  Just.  Monthly visits weren’t enough.


As he sat in the back of the cruiser, pyjamas blood soaked he watched the silvery wisp crawl into the ear of the Deputy driving.

“They’re going to love you in county” he snarled.


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Cradled and Cocooned – Room 101

He kicked out angrily, desperate to hurt her, wanting her to scream.

This morning I was looking for some inspiration to start doing a themed daily piece.  I was listening to the Eurhythmics album 1984 (The one for the film adaptation of the George Orwell Book) and it got me to thinking about doing a Room 101 kind of thing in 101 words and on a dark and twisted theme.

Not quite there yet I then took another look at Michelle’s prompts over at Her Writing Haven.  They are a great set of prompts and you should take a look at them, so I decided to use those as my daily prompts to be combined with my Room 101 idea.  I may also combine them with the WordPress daily prompt if possible.  Anyway, here is the first Room 101.  The “Cradled and cocooned” prompt comes from Michelle and the “Dancing” prompt from WordPress daily prompt..


He kicked out angrily, desperate to hurt her, wanting her to scream.

“Oh look he likes it” he heard her say, that sickeningly elated tone in her voice.   “He’s dancing.”

“He has your terrible taste in music” the man joked laughing loudly.

“Hey you, watch it” she replied happily.  He could feel her slowly rubbing her stomach.

As if having to listen to her life coursing through her body wasn’t enough, he now had to listen to the awful music she played incessantly.

He really could not wait to be born and one day be old enough to kill them both.