My wellbeing journey – April Results

It’s all gone a little bit yeasty.

April was going to be so much better than March. It really was. Then I broke my ankle, was rendered mostly immobile for weeks, and proceeded to eat all of the bread. I am not exaggerating, I didn’t just have a bit. I had it all.

Did you go to make some hot, buttered toast one morning, only to find the last slices mysteriously gone? Yes? I was probably sat outside your kitchen shovelling it into my face. Shortage of baps, bloomers and brioche at your local store. Yup, guilty as charged.

Doughnut, bagels, pretty much anything proven and baked. I couldn’t but help to put it inside myself.

I even found myself looking lustfully at other men’s baguette’s with my mouth watering thinking that if I waited until he wasn’t looking and just took it in my hand and nibbled on the end that might be enough to satisfy my cravings. But who am I kidding, Im a greedy, greedy boy and wanted the whole thing.

Oh what a sorry old state it is when you cannot rest until you have a mouthful of Italian 6 inch. Sub. 6 inch sub.

So with an average of less than 4000 steps a day and my teeth full of seeded batch loaf I look back at April as a wasted opportunity; then turn to May with renewed hope(and more than likely some sort of acquired gluten allergy). If that’s even a thing.

Let’s see how this month goes shall we…

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

17 thoughts on “My wellbeing journey – April Results”

  1. Relatable!!! I’ve been trying to give myself a break a bit once I learned that thing about blood sugar, and give myself more carbs (like beans and brown rice type) and fibre at mealtimes and not beat myself up so much. I wouldn’t do that to my kids, so since I had to have a little bit of surgery and not allowed to go for walks or do housework (I know, I’m crying about it) a bit of chocolate and two pieces of toast is hardly like I’m running the streets committing crimes. But I do get antsy and bored. After my procedure I said to Husband my eyesight was a bit funny, he suggested I go for a 100 mile drive just to test them to make sure ha ha! Yeah, it’s possible to thing of a few other people with worse judgement and impulse control than me.

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  2. I’d have a cookie over cake or a donut as I am a texture eater and find a crispy cookie more satisfying. I just tried “Tate’s Bake Shop” crispy cookies and thought I died and went to Heaven. But that said, I cannot resist bread, the crustier the better and it must be slathered with butter. It is best I don’t go to the bakery part of the grocery store. There is nothing better than breaking off a hunk of baguette and spilling crumbs all over the place. In Canada we eat what is called “kaisers” … they may sell “kaiser rolls” here in the States but they are nothing more than a hamburger bun. Kaisers are a personal-sized version of a baguette – we’d eat them with butter, no need for lunchmeat – perfect on their own. I wish I had one now. You’ll get back to your eating and walking regimen again … this was just an annoying speedbump.

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  3. So the website hasn’t let me post in a while. Glad to see I can still comment on stuff!!! glad to hear your getting back on the right track. Broken ankles are no fun, sir…. Get better and heal well!!!

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