8 thoughts on “May in photos”

  1. Love all the pics except the spider – I loathe them and am deathly afraid of them. A tall person like me cowering in their presence or that of a centipede as well is probably an amusing sight, but I had a large centipede in my bedroom last week and I pulled the covers around me like a seal lest it fall onto the bed in the middle of the night. 🙂 It is what it is though. If I have not changed all these years as to bug fear, it just won’t happen. I repeat what I said for the April pics – you have missed your calling Michael. I have no cooking or baking skills whatsoever and your rustic bread calls to me, as do those cornish pastries, which we call pasties here.

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  2. We tried to get it out humanely but alas I think it croaked. We dont have any animal in this country that can kill you really so even though it was safe it was still off the charts creepy. Not seen anything as big apart from when I lived in Africa…

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  3. I would have to sleep in the car if one was in the house if I could not kill it. I have nowhere I could go. We have fishing spiders in nearby Indiana and they are huge and near marinas. A couple of people in Michigan found Black Widow Spiders in packages of grapes in net bags at the grocery store. I’ve not bought grapes since!

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