Corona Lock down Diaries – Day…Er? – More Backdoor Shenanigans

The ongoing saga of the right old state our doors were in…

We’ve lived in this house for about 15 years and am still not quite convinced which is the back door and which is the front. We enter through the door straight into the kitchen from the small road at the back of the house. This would make me think this is the front door. But the traditional front door, which leads outto the garden, is far more ornate and has the feel of a front door which means what I think is the front door is probably the back door. We were discussing this with a neighbour just this week and she said she thinks of the backdoor as the one at the kitchen so its probably right that what I think is the front door is actually the back door.

Whenever Mrs afterwards and I need to reference one of the doors we generally point to it. Seems easier.

Anyway, as I wrote about here I recently sorted out the front door? Last weekend I sorted out the backdoor as it was also in need of some TLC. I will admit there were quite a few ‘backdoor’ jokes during the 5 hours it took me, none of which went down particularly well. Best I got from Mrs Afterwards was an eye roll I think.

Anyway this was the before and after. The surround took some serious filling and its a bit scruffy close up but from a distance I think it looks alright. Still going to add a transfer to the glass pane above the door with the house number on it (once I clean up the stray paint).

I painted the 2 stone teddies too.

So I think that makes me an official backdoor officianado. (Cue eye rolls).

And yes, there is a skip outside my house. Has been since March. Will be until July…

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

15 thoughts on “Corona Lock down Diaries – Day…Er? – More Backdoor Shenanigans”

  1. You sure were productive – you made the best of the lockdown Michael. I had to Google “skip” – I guessed right, but had to know. Well I’d think of a garden as a backyard as in an “English country garden” but I’ve seen pictures of your garden in previous posts, and it could easily pass for the front yard too. Either way, you did a great job and should reward yourself somehow. No camper van trips I guess – they’re not renting out anything these days here and probably the same in the U.K. Hertz, our biggest car rental place and it’s around for eons, filed for bankruptcy last week – no one wants to rent a car that a “germy person” might have been in and people aren’t traveling these days. In fact the biggest thing in the U.S. right now is people buying backyard pools and camping equipment so they can either have a “staycation” (probably an American term here which is self-explanatory) or going camping so they don’t have to stay in hotels or places where others congregate or left germs.

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  2. I didn’t realize you bought it – for some reason, I thought you rented it – wow, even worse that you can’t use it. Yes, Hertz went belly-up fast and about 150,000 employees lost their jobs. Uber and Lyft have been dying a slow death here as well.

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  3. I lived in a house with that front door/back door question. We answered it with the front door being where the address was from. The back door we used all the time as it was beside the driveway and it did enter into the kitchen.

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  4. so your front door was on the front as opposed to the side front door. though depends on the aspect of the property…hmm

    see here it is often where the post is delivered. the postman drops it through your door. but our letterbox is on the back doo. I fear we may have to just move house 🙂

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  5. Well I can’t give that statement a “like” – hopefully in 2021 when we hear that all normal things will return like the events and concerts that have been falling like dominoes. Hopefully they are right.

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  6. Yes, I just wrote a similar comments to you on your food post … they may have opened too soon here but business people were literally screaming to be allowed to open. The Governor refused gyms and health clubs to open and the gym owners got together and filed a class action suit. They prevailed and may open on the 25th – Governor has appealed that ruling. Everything has spun out of control it seems.

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  7. Yes, they are terrible Michael, spiking again, our state too and we had gone from the 3rd worst state in the U.S. for deaths/cases to the 27th. I’m thinking all the countries will suffer the same fate before the Fall which was when they had said would be the big resurgence. It is partly the protests, partly people who just wanted to get out and do normal things again – it was too soon for that. We had a bar here in Michigan in a college town and 34 people tested positive within days of bars/restaurants being allowed to open again last Monday.

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