11 thoughts on “Photos from December”

  1. Glad you opened comments this time MIchael. Happy New Year! Well I saw lots of good-looking food and you impersonating Santa Claus (the beard has grown in nicely BTW). And it doesn’t seem like Tom got himself into any scrapes this time, though I saw a doctor’s office featured in two of the photos.

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  2. Some great photos. How did you like the new Star Wars movie? I have heard mixed reviews on it. Looks like Santa was good to you – lots of chocolates. And some New Year celebrating? Hope 2020 is good to you and your family!

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  3. Yes, it was like it was closed – oh well. WordPress was acting wonky. Good think it was nothing out of the ordinary for dental/medical. How did you and the diet fare over the holidays? I have not seen a pink donut appearing in my Reader. 🙂


  4. Santa is always good to me:) I’ve a hotline to him

    Starwars…loved it loved it loved it… other people might not but they are wrong.. its a wonderful ending to a story 42 years in the making:) think i only cried a little bit twice .

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  5. I was eating pretty healthy and the end of the year went off the rails bigtime … I bought some treats for Thanksgiving and end of year holidays and put the latter away (temporarily it turned out). Ate most of them by Thanksgiving, bought some more – ate them before Christmas … no restraint at all and was ashamed, so that was it, I bought no more and sulked about my stupidity. I will look forward to seeing that pink donut in Reader. 🙂


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