Like golden first rays of sunrise you bleed across my room

seeping into my pores as I stir

and clouding my mind

you carry me away.


Restless, my lungs fill with your presence

and eyes flutter as I breathe you in,

transported to times long past as

laughter breaks the silence


Sweet whispered promises float through my mind

carried by the warming winds of memory.

And there before my eyes you stand,

until I wake and you leave again.



You know, I wanted that one to be so much more and when I started it I thought I knew where I wanted it to go but I was on a call whilst I was doing it with the finance team discussing some financial modelling they wanted doing and it kinda just ruined my vibe.  It’s hard to wax lyrical whilst you comtemplate the time saving opportunities offered by the IBM Cognos TM1 modelling tools.

Next time I think I will just do it during my lunch instead.  Never have been very good at multitasking…