A Thousand Miles of History XII: Hirvedh Treguhyon — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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We left the Merry Maidens, still buzzing with the magic of the stone circle in the mist. Distracted by the profusion of wildflowers in the hedgerows, we might have driven blithely by, but… “Whoa…” “What’s that…” we said in unison as my foot hit the brakes, just seconds after resuming our journey. Finding nowhere else […]

via A Thousand Miles of History XII: Hirvedh Treguhyon — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

19 thoughts on “A Thousand Miles of History XII: Hirvedh Treguhyon — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo”

  1. Yes it is fascinating. I was hoping none of the Greek historical sites would be damaged by the fire, but I’ve not heard much on their fire – the news is either occupied by Trump stuff and the California wildfires are big news over here right now.

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  2. I saw those the other day yeah pretty insane stuff for sure. THe greek stuff has been horribly under reported it was in the radio here yesterday and there were some harrowing tales.

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  3. Yes, the pictures and families found dead, huddled together. Under reported here but I figured it was due to our own California wildfires. We had a man go to the store on an errand … when he left there was no imminent danger and coming back there was a roadblock and he could not get down his street. He began to worry. His grandchild called his cellphone and said “fire is at the doors” and by the time he got home, his wife had wrapped the kids in wet blankets, then herself in a wet blanket over them. They perished just moments after he spoke with them. Terribly scary.

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  4. I just finished a post a short time ago. We had these torrential rains yesterday and some thunder and I went to bed around 11:15 or so Tuesday night and no threat of severe weather. I got up this morning, there was power outages and flooding, but I was okay. I checked my e-mail later in the day and had all kinds of urgent emergency messages about tornadic activity … message came at 12:49 a.m. and possible tornado at 1:15 a.m. I was in dreamland and I don’t believe they sounded the sirens. The damage was 6 miles from my house and down the road from where I visited the farm and botanical gardens last weekend. We’ve already had a meteor and an earthquake in 2018 – enough already! Just as you say, you never know.

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  5. That scares me even more than being awake and dealing with it – at last you are awake and can go to the basement (if there is time). I’ll be glad to be out of tornado season (end of August).

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  6. I think every day there is more to be scared about Michael – if it isn’t listening to the news and what is going on over here, it is another story about a weather calamity – the wildfires, the earthquakes, flooding … and the murders and crime. Not just in my city, but everywhere around. Yesterday on the radio station I listen to, a pedestrian was run over by a car and killed, hit and run. The reporters were on scene several hours after it happened, and there was a radio reporter and some TV reporters. Out of nowhere a man comes along with a baton or lead pipe of some fashion and starts beating on the radio reporters car, the news van and every car that happened to be in the area. Beating it for no reason, then he ran away. They caught him and arraigned him today. It is like a cesspool out there … the entire package and quite scary. Meanwhile, we are getting our wicked heat back again this weekend for a few days – 93 on Sunday. I hope your heat has gone and you have normal weather. I heard Spain has 118 degrees (47C) … that’s just crazy!

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  7. You know statistically the world is a considerably safer and better place than it has ever been but I think the proliferation of the internet and social networks and just news in general means we are exposed to so much more than any other generation has had to cope with. I want remember reading a piece about how much information we are exposed to and how much information someone in the 1950s would have been exposed to and they had so little to worry about her to consider and their role of understanding was so Limited compared to ours

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  8. That is very true – simpler times back then, you got your news from the newspaper principally, and now I hear media experts say that so many print newspapers are just ceasing production because people can’t be bothered with reading the newspaper, even online takes too much time to peruse. People want their info in bite-sized pieces so they can glance at a phone or on their Twitter feed and get it all read in one fell swoop. Otherwise too much to process, just as you said.

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